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Tips For Invitations That Shine

Your invitation is the first opportunity you have to create an atmosphere of class and luxury for your wedding. To communicate the elegance you hope to achieve, follow these invitation etiquette tips:

Tip #1: Timing is everything

When planning a destination wedding, your guests need advanced notice to fully prepare for your big day. Your goal is communication that makes your guests feel comfortable and welcomed. Sending a “Save The Date” card 6-8 months before the wedding can make a huge difference in helping your friends and family make the necessary travel arrangements.

Mail your formal wedding invitation 3 months before the wedding to give your guests enough time to finalize their plan to attend your wedding.

Tip #2: Respect The Honorees And Hosts

Use classy wording in your wedding invitation to honor the bride, groom, and all of your hosts. The tone you choose will set the ambiance of your wedding for everyone. It lets your guests feel excitement for the event and welcomes them to share your celebration. Remember to pay attention to the following details:

  • List the name of the bride first to demonstrate ultimate respect to the bride
  • List all hosts in alphabetical order to shows equal respect to each contributor
  • Include the full name of each host (first, middle, and last)

Tip #3: Give All Necessary Information About The Location

Once you select the venue that reflects you and your sweetheart in a personal a chic way, share it with your guests on your invitations. Here are some pointers:

  • Include a map in a separate card (this will be very helpful in a destination wedding to help the guests find their way). If you choose to include a card, do not clutter the actual invitation by printing the event street address on the invitation.
  • If you choose not to include a separate event card, remember to spell the name of the street, city and country. Do not include the zip code on the address line and do not abbreviate any of the names.

Tip #4: Do RSVP Cards Right

A formal RSVP card added to your invitation will add an element of luxury and formality to your invitations. While some couples opt for RSVPs by e-mail, text, or a website, if you are going for a formal affair, we recommend RSVP cards.

Remember not to add the word “please” when asking your guests to RSVP, RSVP is an abbreviation from the French: Répondez s‘il vous plaît which means “respond please,” so writing please “RSVP” creates sloppy duplicate wording.

Tip #5: Hand-Address Your Invitations 

Printing address labels is not considered proper etiquette. Your guests will be touched when they find your handwritten invitation in their mailbox. Remember to:

  • Always hand-write each and every invitation
  • Include a stamp on the RSVP card

Tip #6: Be Discreet About Your Registry

Do not mention your wedding registry on the formal invitation. If you choose to, add an additional card with registry information.

Tip #7: Invest In Your Invitations

Your invitation sets the tone and ambiance for your event. It is worth it to take the time to search the web for formal invitation samples and design a few drafts until you and your finance choose the invitation that fits you best. Share it with a few friends for input and suggestions for etiquette perfection.

Remember have fun and contact us for more ideas.

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