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Sequel Weddings – What Are They & Why You Should Consider One!

Sequel weddings are one of the latest trends in the matrimony space. They’ve been popular with celebrities (consider the likes of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner or Justin Bieber and Hayley Baldwin) and have become increasingly popular as the globe continues to endure the ripple effects of Covid-19. We take a look at this type of wedding structure so you can decide if a sequel wedding is right for you and your partner.

What Is A Sequel Wedding?

Firstly, let’s understand exactly what a sequel wedding is. Essentially, it’s a wedding spread out over multiple parts. In the case of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, they were married in a casual, spontaneous ceremony in Las Vegas before their formal wedding ceremony in France. Other people might choose to have an intimate ceremony in one location, followed by another bigger ceremony or celebration on an entirely different day.

Now, this isn’t exactly a new idea. In fact, this has been the norm for years within particular religions and cultures. It is, however, becoming more common, largely due to the Coronavirus. It’s been a difficult year all around, but especially for the many couples who have had to postpone or adapt their dream weddings. For some, these adaptations have been a transformation from their traditionally planned wedding to a sequel wedding.

With varying restrictions in place around the world, guest numbers have been heavily reduced, leaving couples with two choices – postpone until restrictions are eased or proceed with a smaller ceremony. Many couples have chosen to proceed with intimate ceremonies, sometimes even just with themselves and their witnesses, as a way of honouring their original wedding date and avoiding delays. Many of these couples are also choosing to make this intimate ceremony the first of two or more celebrations. This allows them to legally be married as planned, but also have the celebration that they dreamed of with all of their friends and family at a later date. In these difficult times, it really does seem like a win-win!


When To Have A Sequel Wedding

We’ve mentioned that celebrities may opt for a luxury sequel wedding across different days (and continents) to celebrate their union and that many others are following suit to deal with the inconvenience of Covid-19, however there are a whole range of situations where you might choose to have a sequel wedding.

  • Destination Wedding

A destination wedding is a great way to make your special day truly memorable, but chances are not all of your guests will be able to jet off with you to whichever exotic location you choose. Cue the sequel wedding. You can have your wedding as planned in your dream destination, followed by a second celebration back home for everyone who was unable to attend. This is also a great option if you are unable to register your marriage legally in your country of choice and need to lodge the paperwork in your home country.

  • Conflicting Visions

Do your parents have a wildly different vision to your own? Maybe each of your families have significantly different ideas. Either way, it can be difficult to manage family expectations, especially when they are contributing financially to your big day. A sequel wedding is the perfect way to compromise. For one celebration, you get to have the wedding you’ve dreamt of. For the other, your parents can have more of an influence, including inviting the people on their own guestlist!

  • Second Marriage

Sometimes a couple may not want to have a big wedding if they’ve both previously been married, however that doesn’t mean they don’t want to celebrate with all of their loved ones. An intimate legal ceremony followed by a big party can be a great sequel wedding option that gives the best of both worlds.

Things To Consider When Planning A Sequel Wedding

For the most part, planning a sequel wedding is just like planning a normal wedding – formalities, decorations, catering, drinks. That being said, there are a few things worth considering to make sure everything goes smoothly.

  • Planning Time

Given that a sequel wedding consists of multiple components, your planning time is likely to be significantly more. This is especially true if you are having multiple ceremonies and receptions. It’s absolutely possible, especially with the help of a good wedding planner, but something worth keeping in mind.

  • Budget

Depending on the type of sequel wedding you have planned, you may need to extend your budget. Double the wedding often means double the cost, especially when you start to factor in two different venues, two sets of flowers, two different dresses and so on. This, however, isn’t always the case. A sequel wedding can be a way to cut costs if you choose to have an intimate formal wedding and then a more casual reception at a later date. Make sure you plan properly so that you don’t face any nasty surprises down the track.

  • Expectations

To avoid disappointing any of your guests, it is best to clearly communicate your plans in order to manage expectations from the beginning. Some people may be offended if they are not invited to all parts of your wedding and being upfront is often the best way to deal with this. At the end of the day, it’s your wedding but managing these things before they become a problem is the best way to reduce stress.

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