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Engagement Ring Evolution Over 100 Years

Have you ever wondered why we wear engagement rings or what the history behind the most coveted piece of jewelry is? Wedding and engagement rings have an extensive history dating all the way back to ancient times. Today, most of us view the engagement ring as a symbol of “I Love You” and a pledge to be together forever but some believe the original meaning leaned more to the side of I own you. In fact, anthropologists believe this tradition originated from a Roman custom in which wives wore rings attached to small keys, indicating their husband’s ownership. (source:

In most of the world the bride, and only the bride, wears an engagement ring. And while many believe that this custom is tied to the ancient practice of marking the woman as spoken for, most women dream of the day when they will have that beautiful sparkly diamond on their finger.

All this got us wondering about the evolution of the engagement ring over the past 100 years. Check out these fabulous engagement ring trends.

Engagement rings featuring diamond halo’s were all the rage in the 1920’s.

Photo Credit: Tiger Gemstones


In the 1930’s engagement rings featured bands shaped like ribbons.

Photo Credit: Diamond Mansion


Round-cut was the most popular in the 1940’s.

Photo Credit:


In the 1950’s couples went crazy for pear-shaped diamond engagement rings.

Photo Credit: Point No Point Studio


Engagement rings in the 1960’s became squarer with the Asscher cut diamond ring obsession.

Photo Credit: Lang Antiques


Who doesn’t love an Emerald cut diamond? The 70’s were all about the emerald cut, making it a favorite with many celebrities. And still today, the emerald cut stands the test of time and is a dream for many brides.

Photo Credit: EraGem


In 1980 everything changed. Princess Diana inspired a frenzy of color. Couples everywhere were opting for colorful diamonds and gemstones. Round-cut diamonds and yellow-gold bands were still popular but the Princess Diana sapphire engagement ring changed the wedding industry forever!

Photo Credit: Zales Jewelers via Instagram


Engagement rings in the 1990’s became bolder. The marquis-cut diamond was very popular creating a more dramatic engagement ring. During this decade we also saw white gold and platinum begin to replace traditional yellow-gold.

Photo Credit:


In the early 2000’s the princess-cut diamond dominated the engagement ring industry. And who can blame a bride for loving a large diamond?

Photo Credit: Kwiat


Oh, the classic cushion cut! Yes, in the early 2010 era the fancy cushion-cut diamond became a favorite of love birds everywhere. And actually, it still remains popular today.

Photo Credit: Bond Street Jeweler David Morris


Fast forward to today’s era and you will find that oval diamonds are hot! Pair a large (or very large) oval, beautiful diamond with a simple skinny band and you have a masterpiece. An engagement ring that everyone will swoon over!


Photo Credit: Wonder Jewelers


Looking Into The Future Of Engagement Rings

Millennials are all about “experiences” and are changing weddings forever. In 2019/2020 their love for being unique resulted in a surge in custom-made engagement rings. Four months into 2019 and we are already seeing couples create weddings filled with the most unique and fun elements that are true to only their individual personalities making their wedding memorable – and it all begins with the ring!

Whether you think engagement rings are the tiniest handcuffs ever made or a true symbol of love that will last an eternity, there is no doubt that we all feel a genuine excitement and obsession for engagement rings.

Which style is your favorite?

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