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Ways to Spoil your Guests at a Small Wedding  

With Covid-19 still impacting countries the world over, many couples are opting for smaller weddings instead of postponing their big day. While these intimate events might not be what they initially envisioned, small weddings are allowing couples to spoil their guests in ways that wouldn’t have been possible before. When an overall wedding budget hasn’t changed but the number of guests has been reduced, the available amount per head jumps up significantly!

If you find yourself in this situation, you might also choose to show the people closest to you just how important they are. Here are some ideas for spoiling your guests at a small wedding.


Customized Favors

When you aren’t providing favors for a huge guest list, you can afford to spend a bit more. Consider providing wedding favors for your guests that are personalized for something a little fancy. It might be a nice glass with their name ready for toasting or something else that has been engraved. Whatever you choose, you know that guests will feel extra special with the personalized detail.


Gifts your Guests will Actually Like

If you have money in your budget, why not provide gifts to your guests? It’s a popular option at luxury weddings but the additional cost means it’s not always possible for some couples. With a smaller number of guests, you can probably now afford to spoil people. It could be something like a beautiful scarf or jewelry for women, or cufflinks or another accessory for men. If your budget has been freed up but not by that much, consider plants that guests can take home or small, personalized hampers.


Additional Events

We all deserve to celebrate so why not throw additional events for your guests? It might be drinks before the wedding, or a post-wedding brunch. For destination weddings, you might even consider some sort of local activity. Either way, you know your special guests will love being treated to extra events outside of your big day.



Remove all hassle for your guests by providing transport to and from your wedding. If you only have a small group of people, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get them all there however your guests will definitely appreciate the notion.


Handwritten Notes

While this one isn’t impacted by budget, it is affected by time. This means writing personalized, handwritten notes isn’t likely to be possible for a big guest list, but it’s a nice way to acknowledge people if you only have a small group of attendees. People will definitely feel appreciated and you can show them how grateful you are to have them at your small wedding.


A small wedding might not have been your plan, but spoiling your guests will ensure that everyone has an extra special time.


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