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A Wedding Week To Remember

There aren’t many moments that live on forever in our hearts and minds. Most of us aren’t fortunate enough to have won Olympic gold or seen the Earth rise from the space station. Looking back at our lives, most of us can cherish our graduation day, wedding proposal, wedding day, and the birth of our children.

Today’s brides (and grooms!) won’t have to look back on a single “I do” moment, instead, many couples are having week-long celebrations of their love.

Anywhere else is the world, a week may seem like a long time for a single celebration; but for those who plan a destination wedding in Israel, the week will be packed with lifelong memories, spiritual and historical significance, and uninhibited fun.

Below, some of our recommendations for turning a magical moment into a magical week.


Recommend that guests arrive in Israel on Friday morning. Have them check into their hotel (make sure they are greeted with a welcome bag and itinerary of required and optional events for the week).

Friday night, host a Welcome Shabbat dinner to greet everyone and begin your celebrations.

Remember that people have traveled far and may be jetlagged, so keep the evening relatively mellow.

You can offer your young, adventurous guests a list of local nightlife venues. In Israel, nightlife begins late and goes into the wee hours.


Begin with a brunch for your guests, either in the hotel or at local establishments like Tel Aviv’s Manta Ray or Hertzelia’s Yam7.

After brunch, suggest a beach day for guests to relax by the Mediterranean. Make sure to use plenty of sunscreen and drink plenty of water – you don’t want new tan lines or a bout of dehydration less than a week before the big day!

Sunday & Sunday:

Offer day trips for your guests. Popular destinations: Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Dead Sea and Masada, Nazareth and the Sea of Galilee, Caesaria, even Petra in Jordan. Each of these once-in-a-lifetime adventures is sure to delight your wedding guests and leave them with a greater understanding of history, culture, religion, nature, and beauty.

Join your family and friends on as many of these adventures as possible – this is where memories will be made with the people you love!


Schedule the rehearsal dinner for Tuesday. Guests can explore (or shop!) locally during the day and convene for a wedding rehearsal and appreciation dinner. You may want to show pictures of (or talk about) the amazing experiences you have already had together since arriving on Friday.


A great opportunity for more day trips or a day of relaxation. Consider an unforgettable spa day at one of many world-class resorts near the Dead Sea for the ladies and a day of golfing in Caesaria for the gents.

Make sure guests get back in time to rest well Wednesday night – they will need their energy for tomorrow.


The big day.

Everything about it will be perfect. Offer your guests a list of local attractions and restaurants for the day time. They can visit the Bahai Garden in Haifa, stroll through Old Jaffa, or explore the Western Wall tunnels in Jerusalem. Give them a list and let them know what time they are expected to be at the wedding site.

As for you, bride & groom – relax, get pretty, take photos, and prepare to start the rest of your lives!


Having reached emotional utopia, partied hard into the night, made a lifetime of memories in a week, and produced a perfect week for yourselves and everyone else involved, it is time to say Shalom to Israel.

Whether you ride off into the sunset, jet set to an island paradise for your honeymoon, of head back home to begin living in marital bliss, take a moment to thank your guests and wish them safe travels as they all part ways – and take a part of your love story home with them.

Contact us today to plan your perfect week.

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