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Wedding Stationery

Wedding Stationery & Printed Items, Complete Checklist

When it comes to a wedding, there’s a whole range of things that can be printed, especially if you are looking to customise as much as possible. Welcome signs, table numbers, napkins, menus and seating cards. The list goes on and on.

For those of you feeling a little overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, or if you’re simply looking for some inspiration, check out our guide to wedding stationery and printed items. You’ll have this aspect of wedding planning under control in no time!

Why choose customised products?

Customised products are a great way to add a personal touch to your wedding. You can create stationery and printed items to suit any colour palette, theme and venue, helping you to create the perfect aesthetic for your big day.

The best part? The options for customised stationery and printed items are practically endless! Wherever you want to add personalisation, there’s likely to be a product available to do it.

Which stationery and printed items do you need?

So what exactly do you need for your wedding? As always, it comes down to personal style and preferences as to what you want to include on your big day. We’ve put together a list of common wedding stationery and printed items so that you can choose the things important to you.

Welcome Gifts

An optional inclusion, welcome gifts are a nice touch for couples who have guests travelling a long way or who have chosen a destination wedding. Wedding gifts can be customised to suit your theme or location and might include a:

  • Welcome note
  • Welcome bag tags/box labels
  • Wedding itinerary
  • Wedding Ceremony

Customizable Printed Items

Depending on your ceremony design, you might choose to include customised versions of the following:

  • Programs
  • Welcome sign
  • Unplugged wedding sign
  • Seating sign/chair tags
  • Guestbook
  • Seating Plans


If you plan to have a seated dinner, you’ll have to choose how to communicate the seating plan, popular ways are:

  • Seating chart
  • Escort cards
  • Place cards
  • Reserved table signs/chair tags
  • No seating plan sign (if you’ve decided not to allocate seating)

Table Settings

Tables are a big part of reception decor, providing a great opportunity to personalise the venue space. Here are elements you can personalise:

  • Table numbers
  • Menus
  • Place settings
  • Wedding Signage

Wedding Signs

Wedding signs are both a practical and visually appealing way to add customisation. They’re also the perfect place to display a monogram if you’ve chosen to use one. Consider the following:

  • Welcome sign
  • Banners
  • Signposts (ceremony, reception, gift table, dessert table)


Aspects of Customisation

When choosing customised products, here are the things you need to consider:


One of the most important aspects of personalised printing is colour. Think about the colour palette of your wedding and use these colours to create your own stationary and products.


Your stationery and printed items should complement the overall look of your events. This means that the visual component should tie in seamlessly with everything else. Consider the types of images, icons and fonts that will best reflect the feel and look of your wedding.

Paper Type

The type of paper used for printed items is often overlooked, however, it is something definitely worth considering. The texture and quality of the paper can be the difference between a poorly executed vision and a perfectly executed one.


Think about each item, its purpose and where it will be placed in the room, then use this information to determine the perfect size. Signs should be big enough to make a statement, but not overwhelmingly big that they overshadow the other decor. Likewise, table cards should be easy to read, but tie in with the design, rather than detract from it.


If you’re seeking true elegance and sophistication, it’s hard to go past a monogram. Have your initials turned into a piece of art by a designer, then use it on a range of products to create cohesion for your wedding. It can be added to everything from wedding invitations to your aisle runner – versatility at its finest!


With so many ways to customise a wedding through stationery and printed items, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect products and aesthetic for your big day!

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