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Wedding Photography Dos & Don’ts

After months of planning the finer details of your special day, the dress, the location, the guest list and more, your head may be spinning. It’s important not to overlook your only opportunity to permanently capture your special day, your wedding photography.

Choose Your Photographer Carefully

Before choosing your photographer, take time to review their portfolio. Make sure you choose a photographer with experience and skill, otherwise your photos will pay the price. Studios should provide album examples to review before you make your choice, so your selection will be made that much easier by being able to review previous work.

Follow Up With Your Photographer A Week Prior To The Wedding

It is important to discuss everything in detail with your photographer prior to the wedding day – don’t be afraid to be up-front about your expectations. Do your check in approximately one week prior to the wedding so all instructions are fresh in the photographer’s memory. If you have specific requests, ideas to explore, or important don’ts to cover, express them. You don’t want any unwelcome surprises.

Create A Photography “Wish List”

Just like with every other area of your wedding, it’s important to stay focused and to be clear about what you are looking for. Whether you’ve always dreamed of a romantic photo on top of a hill, in the middle of a field, or in a bustling urban setting, make sure to turn your dream into reality when briefing your photographer regarding your expectations for the wedding. Create a Pinterest board of ideas and inspiration or show your photographer pictures in magazines, old family photos, or any other visual which conveys your expectations. From there, your wedding photographer should make your “wish list” happen.

Formal Yes, Stiff And Posed, No

Most wedding albums will have formal photos of the wedding party, but don’t forget to also include shots in a more relaxed setting – whether on the dance floor or simply strolling around the reception. This will add some fun when looking back at your special days

Avoid Shooting At Midday

The sun is shining, the sky is bright, but what you may think is a perfect time to shoot is far from it. High noon sunlight creates harsh shadows on the face and doesn’t cast you in the best light – wait until the afternoon.

Schedule Enough Time For The Photo Sessions

It takes time to shoot pictures of the entire family, arrive at several different shoot locations and get all of those perfect shots with you and your future hubby. Make your life easier by allotting extra time for photography. One plan of attack is to get the pictures with the families and bridal party finished first then spend some alone time with your man and the photographer, while the impatient herd heads towards the cocktail reception. The reverse order works well too. As long as there is a thought out plan behind your photography schedule which takes into consideration the layout of your venue as well your desires and those of your family, you’re on the right track!

Keep it Comfortable and Photogenic

After several shots, you and your wedding party may become less patient and increasingly fidgety. It is important that your photographer works with you to keep everyone photogenic, focused and above everything else – comfortable.

Capture The Small Moments

There are signature special moments in a wedding – the bride and groom’s first kiss, the first dance and cutting of the cake. But small moments – such as the flower girl smiling, a proud moment between the mother and father, grandma on the dance floor – are also not-to-be-missed.

Keep The Cameras Rolling After The Party Gets Started

Remember that some of the most memorable and interesting photos happen when the party really gets going. Keep your photographer shooting well after the party gets off the ground. You never know what you’ll catch!

Try to make the best reasoned decision when choosing your wedding photographer and photography package. Your job is to kick back and enjoy your special day, not having to worry for one second that your special moments are being properly and professionally encapsulated!


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