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Wedding Flowers To Suit Any Colour Palette

You’ve picked a wedding theme and you’ve landed on your color palette. Next up on the list, flowers. You’ve combed through pages of standard wedding bouquets but nothing really matches your vision or your palette. This list is a compilation of flowers categorised according to colors so you can find the perfect match for your wedding aesthetic.


Magenta/Purple Flowers

  • Anthurium: A great addition for bride’s seeking to add some sophistication to their bridal bouqet. 
  • Rose: A timeless classic, the rose comes in many shades including magenta and purple. Do a take on the traditional red by adding some magenta shades to your floral arrangements. 
  • Parrot Tulip: These tulips are available in many shades of magenta, purple and pink, making them great for brides looking to add a pop of color to their aesthetic.
  • Phalaenopsis Orchid: Great for cascading bouquets, this orchid is great for modern aesthetics and is available all year round.
  • Stock: Stock is a colorful filler that is easy to access anytime of the year.


Pink/Fuchsia Flowers

  • Cherry Blossom: A great option for spring weddings.
  • Oriental Lily: A really pretty flower when open, lilies can add color to any décor. 
  • Peony: A great choice for brides looking for a feminine flower.
  • Queen Protea: A real statement flower, Queen Protea can be used in a bouquet or alone.
  • Sweet Pea: Sweet Pea is a great addition to a bouquet, adding texture and scent.


Red Flowers

  • Amaryllis: Often used for Christmas weddings, this flower is a vivid red color.
  • Anemone: This bright flower is sure to add color to the wedding aesthetic.
  • Camellia: A soft flower with a glossy leaf, this flower can make a real statement.
  • Gerbera Daisy: A cheap, colorful Gerbera can be a fun way to add color.
  • Succulent: An excellent way to add color through a non-traditional statement


Violet/Blue Flowers

  • Clematis: This colorful flower comes in the shape of a star and is a great addition to bouquets or flower arrangements.
  • Delphinium: Great for large flower arrangements, also comes in peach and white.
  • Hydrangea: These big flowers can really create a statement, especially when built into a centerpiece. 
  • Lilac: Lilac will be sure to brighten any floral arrangement while also providing a sweet scent.
  • Tweedia: Available in a lovely shade of sky blue, these flowers add a sense of delicacy to a bouquet or arrangement.


White Flowers

  • Agapanthus: A great flower for hot weather, white agapanthus add a touch of class.
  • Calla Lily: Best when open, these flowers can be a true eye-catcher.
  • Chrysanthemum: A cheaper option for white flowers, chrysanthemums can be an excellent choice for centerpieces.
  • Gardenia: An excellent addition to bridal bouquets, gardenia brings elegance and glamour. 
  • Spirea: The greenery of this plant is a great complement to the white flower.


Yellow Flowers

  • Craspedia: These flowers are shaped like balls and can be great for making a statement.
  • Daffodil: An inexpensive flower that is great for bringing positive vibes.
  • Mimosa: A great choice for brides looking for a yellow alternative, also brings a pleasant scent. 
  • Sunflower: An iconic flower that is sure to bring joy to any arrangement.
  • Yarrow: An excellent flower to add texture and build area in a bouquet.


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