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Wedding Flower Glossary

Picking the perfect wedding flowers can be challenging. You’ve got to think about the color, your wedding theme, your tastes and preferences, and even the season to make sure your chosen blooms will be easy to source. To help make things that little bit easier (and to give you some inspiration!), we’ve put together a wedding flower glossary.

Have a perusal through these options to get some ideas for your wedding. They have been sorted according to color for your convenience.


Struggling to choose your ‘something blue’? You could always include it in your flowers!


You don’t need many of these big, voluminous flowers to make a statement. Consider hydrangeas for table centerpieces or floral arrangements around your venue to enhance your aesthetic.


Muscaria is an excellent option for brides looking for something a little daintier to put in their bouquet. It is sure to add a touch of elegance to your big day.


Is sky blue one of your wedding colors? There aren’t many flowers that are found in this pretty pastel shade, but Tweedia is an exception.


Whether you are after bold, vivid shades or something soft and pretty, purple flowers can be a great addition to your decor.


The Anemone flowers come in a range of colors, but the purple version is particularly striking. A good choice for couples looking for something chic and modern.


If you’re after a traditional posy for your bridal bouquet, you can’t look past Leococryne. Combine it with other purple flowers or mix things up with a colored bouquet.


Stock comes in a rich lavender color that will look stunning in your wedding photos. It’s also relatively cheap, making it a popular choice for a filler – win-win!


Get pretty with pink by incorporating some florals in these shades into your wedding decor.


Cherry Blossom

There’s something truly romantic about this pink floral branch, but keep the season in mind as it’s only available in spring.

Oriental Lily

A classy choice, the Oriental Lily comes in a hot pink shade that will take any bouquet to the next level. Just remember to be careful of the pollen. In fact, it’s worth having it removed so it doesn’t stain your dress.


The beautiful peony is a popular choice for weddings and for good reason. Adding a feminine touch to an overall aesthetic, you can’t go wrong with this flower!


White flowers create a fresh, elegant look that is simply timeless. A great option for couples seeking subtle sophistication.


Having a summer wedding? Agapanthus is an attractive choice of flower that holds up well in the heat.


A white Daffodil isn’t a common wedding choice, but these flowers can have a huge impact when used in floral arrangements. Unpretentious, elegant, and effective.


If old-school glamour is what you’re after, Gardenias should be top of your list. They are a good choice for bouquets or boutonnieres.


Red can be a bold choice, but when done right the shade simply screams class.


It may not be the cheapest flower, but Amaryllis is worth the money if you are looking for a flower that will make a real statement. It’s the perfect choice for holiday weddings!


For something a little different, opt for Bromeliad. The unique, tropical flower has a shape that will elevate any arrangement.


Roses might be a traditional choice, but you can’t argue with the vision they create. This flower is especially well-suited to a wedding with a vintage-theme.

Calla Lillies

Dark red Calla Lillies are a bold and beautiful choice for your wedding. Sure to make a statement and not to be forgotten! This look can be toned down by combining it with a more monochromatic palette or with greenery.


Orange is such a happy color – why not have it at your wedding?


Carnations are available in many colors, but we particularly love the peach shade. They can be used with other flowers, but can absolutely hold their own if used alone.


The structure of this flower, accompanied by the beautiful orange color, will create an impressive look for your bridal bouquet or decor.

Pincusion Protea

If you’re looking for something different, try the Pincusion Protea. Its spiky appearance will provide texture in arrangements, but can also be toned down when paired with something softer like a rose.


The color of sunshine and hope, yellow is hard to look past when it comes to wedding flowers.


When used in a bright, yellow shade, Cymbidium will bring instant light to the aesthetic of your wedding. A great choice for a summer wedding.

Witch Hazel

The yellow, flowery branch is great for filling arrangements or providing some light in a bouquet. It also has a soft, pleasant scent that you can enjoy all day.


For something hardy, opt for Yarrow in a vibrant yellow. It’s the best choice for harsh weather conditions!


More into greenery than flowers? There are plenty of beautiful shades for this choice too!

Anthurium Leaf

The Anthurium Leaf comes in a deep, forest-green shade that creates stunning centerpieces.

Dusty Miller

For a soft, green addition to your bouquet or floral arrangements, choose Dusty Miller. It’s elegant and romantic.


Eucalyptus is the perfect complement for colored flowers, especially those in soft shades of pink. Use it to add some texture and scent to your bouquet.

Flowers are a great way to add color and texture to your wedding decor. Remember to stay true to your individual style and always listen to the expert advice of your florist.



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