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Wedding Centerpiece Guide

Deciding on the centerpieces for your wedding can be overwhelming and downright stressful. They are, after all, a key component of your decorations that have the power to make or break your entire design scheme. The good news is that we are here to help!

Our useful guide outlines 8 centerpieces that you should consider for your wedding. Make sure to factor in budget and your overall desired aesthetic when making your final decision.


There’s something about candles that simply screams romance, which makes them a great choice for wedding centerpieces. Whether you are looking to set the mood with a generous collection of tealight candles or seeking to make a bigger statement with some larger candle displays, it’s a guaranteed way to create a soft, elegant and romantic vibe.


A tried and true wedding centerpiece, it’s hard to go wrong with flower arrangements. The convenient thing about them is that there is so much variety. It doesn’t matter what look you are going for, you’ll be able to find flowers that suit your chosen colors and overall theme. Make sure you consider the size and height of the arrangements as these should complement the space, not detract from it.


Many couples are so focused on choosing things to put on the tables that they forget the linens themselves. The reality is that table fabrics can make a huge statement on their own. Just think about rustic country weddings with hessian table runners or a traditional reception with lace or embroidery. You can even try getting creative and manipulating fabric to create unique centerpieces for the middle of your tables.

Something Personal

A wedding should reflect the personalities of the couple so if traditional floral arrangements aren’t your thing, forget them! Opt instead for something that truly represent you as individuals and as an item. It might be little sculptures of some of your favorite things or something else that shows your shared interests or memories. Try to think outside of the box rather than be restricted by wedding traditions and expectations.

For a more natural look, try incorporating a miniature tree or fruit as a less traditional but extremely effective centerpiece. For the bookworms among us, an appropriate centerpiece might actually be books! Choose some of your favorites and use them to create design pieces in the middle of each table. You might even finish off the arrangement with some flowers or candles. It’s a great way to engage guests, start conversations and share some insight into your literary tastes as a couple.


Lights can be as big or as bold as you make them. You can choose smaller light displays like strings of fairy lights across the table to create a cozier mood or really amp things up with light bars or even neon light collections. Consider your desired effect and commit to it!


While it is common to let the flowers do the talking at weddings, why not let the focus be on the vases? Using vases allows you to select different colors and styles that will contribute to your overall aesthetic. You can then complement the theme with some carefully selected flowers to fill them.


If flowers aren’t your thing, don’t despair. It’s still possible to incorporate some nature into your wedding decorations. Think green, leafy displays down the centre of your rectangular tables or carefully selected plants in the centre of your round ones. The options are endless!

There are plenty of options when it comes to centerpieces so try not to let yourself be restricted by norms. Remember to always keep your chosen theme and aesthetic at the front of your mind as this will help you to make the right decisions about centerpieces and other design elements.


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