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How to Use Social Media at Your Wedding

Most of us use social media daily to powerfully share with those we care about. It assists us in conducting research, gathering useful information, and enhancing our days with some fun entertainment as well. Here are a few useful tips on how to best use social media at your wedding to maximize its positive benefits.

Social Media with Vendors

Use social media from the early stages of your wedding planning to select and vet your vendors carefully. Gather useful information by:

  • Reading about multiple vendors on social media and eliminating those that don’t fit your selection criteria
  • Reading social vendor reviews and sticking to those with the highest satisfaction ratings and outstanding feedback
  • Reaching out to vendors on social media with any questions or concerns to gauge your satisfaction with their input and answers
Concepts and Designs using Social Media

Use social media to design your wedding concepts. Go on Pinterest, read social media posts about trends, and explore ideas, designs, colors and themes that interest you. Share them with your vendors and friends (perhaps…on social media) and brainstorm on how it best fits your ideas and budget.

Social media can help you visualize your perfect day and event, but it can also help fuel your creativity by introducing you to new ideas and innovative ways of implementing them.

Hashtagify your Day

Create a wedding hashtag by using your names, wedding date, nicknames, wedding theme and anything else that will be easy to remember and fun to use.

Personally, I think hashtags that combine names are timeless and unique (think “Tomkat” or “Benifer”), but let your imagination run wild! #KatzWeddingTLV #CohenPartyof2 #MrandMrsJones #JonandKateplus428 #mazaltovLizandDov

Start early to spread the word and print it on your invitations and notifications. Design signs for your reception that will remind your guests to use your hashtag.

Tweet and Instagram

We all have some social media experience, but we all have some friends who are true social media butterflies – they always have the best captions, and can share at the speed of light. Ask them to commit to Tweet and Instagram your big day. Make sure they are committed and responsible to delivering the quality and content you desire (and keeping anything negative or cynical off the web).

Pick your Networks

Choose the social networks that best works for you. Ask your family and close friends for their desired network preferences and utilize it as needed. Remember that your wedding is about you and whatever you choose needs to work well for you.

Use Sense and Sensitivity

Remember to sensibly use sensitivity and common sense and be responsible on social media. Post appropriate photos, tweets, and keep it positive, light and fun. Though wedding planning sometimes includes frustrations and unneeded drama, keep those off social media.

Social Media Station

Creating a social media station can help your guests charge their phone, centralize their messages and photos, and keep the excitement going in a classy and organized way.

Your social media station can also be used for live streaming for far away relatives and friends to enjoy your special moments as they occur.

Most importantly, be present and enjoy the moment

While social media is a great channel for communicating, sharing, and inspiring (especially with those who cannot be there on your wedding day), always remember that this is your day: the one and only. Don’t be social media-ing too much and miss being fully present and enjoying each moment, every smile, and all the love that will be surrounding you on that day. Know when to put your electronics away and enjoy yourself with those around you.

Have fun creating your social media magic and contact us for more information.

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