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Unique Ideas For Bachelorette Parties

While some bachelorettes are content with a dinner out and ordinary fun with girlfriends, there are many ways of celebrating your bachelorette party and adding meaningful content for lifelong memories. Here are some unique ideas that will help you create the evening you desire and leave you and your girlfriends with a positive experience to cherish forever.

Beach Sunset Bachelorette

There is nothing like enjoying an evening at one of Israel’s fantastic beaches with your closest girlfriends sharing stories from your past (each can share how you met and add one funny memory about you), connecting, and laughing.

Invite the girls for drinks or a full meal, a beautiful sunset, and some relaxing sand between your toes. Take lots of sunset pictures, go swimming at night in the Mediterranean Sea, and enjoy the warm water.

If you are more of a naturalist and want to forfeit cafes, bars, and restaurants in favor of Mother Nature’s beauty, there are many picnic areas on the beach. Bring your own beach towels, food and drinks, make a campfire, and let the fresh breeze rejuvenate you while you share some fun stories from your past and gather advice for your future marital bliss.

Each friend can write a wish for your future and you can collect them along with the evening’s photos into a scrapbook.

Spiritual Bachelorette

If your gang has outgrown the party scene, consider making your Bachelorette Party an opportunity to connect with your inner self. Gather your friends for a quiet and peaceful evening of fun, magic and mediation.

Dive as deep as you wish into your heart and soul and have fun with spirituality. Ask your girlfriends to bring photos and share stories of shared experiences. Read tarot cards, explore Numerology and astrology. You may even consider booking a professional Numerologist or Astrologist for a meaningful and memorable experience.

Ask each girlfriend to bring her favorite self-help book and read a page or a story that can help you all attain what you seek and desire. Put phones away (except for taking pictures), enjoy each other, be present, laugh, and make it unforgettable!

Bachelorette Spa

Pamper yourself and your party with a spa day in the Dead Sea or at one of the rooftop spas in Tel Aviv. Israel offers a wide variety of spas to help you relax and unwind. You can surprise your girlfriends with a spa favor basket and enjoy a healthy meal at the spa. Bring some rocks and Sharpies and ask each friend to share a tip that will help you keep your love alive and your life filled with spa-like relaxation in the years to come.

Old City Bachelorette

The old cities of Jaffa and Jerusalem are jewels. Consider an organized tour through one of these historic gems that can entertain you and your party before you dine out and celebrate your years of friendship. It is a great way to link the past to the present and to feel a part of history.  You can hire a private guide to take you around and end with a gourmet meal.

Each girlfriend can suggest a tradition from her own family’s history for you to start once you are married.

Cookbook and Cocktails Bachelorette

A private cooking class or demonstration by an Israeli chef can make your evening delicious and memorable. Some places serve wine and hand out recipes to take home after you will enjoy an evening with your ladies and a delicious gourmet meal.

This is a great opportunity for each of your friends to bring a few favorite recipes from home so you can begin your new life with a very special cookbook. Create your own culinary collection of recipes – and share copies with all the girls.

Wine Country Bachelorette

Consider indulging at one of the many wineries in Israel to relax before the big night. You can book a few rooms and sample some of your favorite wines while spending some quality time connecting.

Whatever you plan with your girls, like your plans for your wedding, be true to yourself and select activities you will enjoy, remember, and cherish. If you want some help infusing character, meaning, and fun into your Bachelorette Party, contact us. Have fun!

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