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Unique Ideas For Bachelor Parties

Some bachelors are satisfied with some wild fun at a bar with their buddies. Others are interested in celebrations that create a memorable experience. Here are some unique ideas that will rock your Bachelor Party and leave you energized and ready to have a great wedding (and even better marriage).

The Outdoorsy Bachelor

Israel offers lots of camping sites, nature trails and hiking paths that will help you connect to the past while having lots of fun with your friends in the present. You can invite your friends to dinner and drinks in one of the local restaurants and cafes or bring your own food and drinks, relax and rejuvenate. Consider hiring a private tour guide if you want to learn about the history of the area.

The Sand & Surf Bachelor

If you choose to celebrate at your favorite beach, take advantage of the spectacular sunsets that are unforgettable (and absolutely free) and consider setting up a tent for an overnight with your buddies on the white sand. Don’t forget to go swimming at night in the Mediterranean Sea. You will enjoy the warm water and the magic of connecting with nature.

You could also book a surfing or a kite-surfing class for you and your buddies. The warm Mediterranean water and the high energy fun will energize and bond you and your friends. There are many rental places along the beaches and you can rent your own equipment or enjoy a class with a professional instructor.

Many surfing schools also offer a professional photography service that will take your surfing pictures. You can later give them as favors of the memorable day.

The Fishing Bachelor

Organize a fishing trip in the old ports of Jaffa, Caesarea, or Akko.  Rent a fishing boat with your buddies and head out for an adventure. Later, you can treat your friends to a meal with drinks in a local seafood restaurant or hire a private chef that will cook your fresh catch and help finish your day with a special experience.

The Dive & Snorkel Bachelor

Travel south with your buddies to Eilat and enjoy the magic of the Red Sea. Your friends will enjoy the experience of one of the most spectacular underwater scenes on Earth. Hire a diving instructor or go snorkeling and enjoy a few days away that will rejuvenate you before the big night.

The Athletic Bachelor

If you like to work out and stay active, gather your friends and enjoy any of the following:

  • Rent bikes and hit your favorite route in Israel
  • Go for a run or even sign up for a local race (and consider raising money for your favorite charity in Israel)
  • Arrange a volleyball or a Matkot beach tournament
  • Play soccer, tennis, basketball, or even American football
  • Go to a soccer or basketball game of your favorite team in Israel
The Gaming Bachelor – Poker & Video Games

If your gang chooses to stay indoors, organize a poker night or a video game tournament. Consider playing for fun and even raising money for your favorite charity in Israel. If your guy friends feel like indulging, invite a private chef to cook a delicious gourmet meal.

The Brewery Bachelor

There are many breweries in Israel that also rent rooms if you choose to relax and drink overnight before the big night. You will be able to sample local beers and have fun with your friends.

Whatever you plan to do with your guy friends, remember to have fun and be responsible. Your bachelor party will be remembered for the rest of your life: create a story you will always be proud to tell. If you want some help infusing character and fun into your Bachelor Party, contact us. Enjoy!

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