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Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2021

As we find ourselves at the beginning of another year, it’s time to turn our attention to the exciting trends that will influence this year’s weddings. The impact of the global pandemic is still being felt around the globe and this is likely to affect various wedding plans and choices. Let’s spare a thought for all of the lovely couples who had to re-plan or reschedule their big days last year and send positive vibes to everyone looking to celebrate their nuptials in 2021!

Here are 10 wedding trends we are expecting to see in 2021:

1. Intimate Weddings
After the chaos of 2021, many couples are choosing to forge ahead with their wedding day despite the celebration not looking the way they initially intended. Many countries still have restrictions on social gatherings and this means that group sizes will be much smaller than in the past. Some couples are likely to opt for an elopement while others may choose a slightly larger micro-wedding with immediate family and close friends only.

2. Multi-Day Events or Sequel Weddings
We all deserve to do some celebrating for surviving the last year and some couples are making the most of their wedding to do just that. There has already been a strong trend for multi-day events, such as weekends away, as well as sequel weddings which have celebrations over multiple days that aren’t necessarily consecutive. For instance, many couples have chosen to have a small ceremony and then hold a large party later on when restrictions have eased. This is likely to continue throughout this year.

3. A Focus on Luxury
Many couples who have chosen a smaller wedding are finding they can do a lot more with their set budget. The allocated amount per head is increased significantly and people are certainly taking advantage of this with lavish 3-course meals and increased entertainment. If you’re going to throw an intimate event, why not spoil your guests?

4. More Personal Touches
The adversity brought by 2020 has given people a chance to reflect and realign their priorities. Lots of couples have used this time to better understand their partnership and identify ways to incorporate elements that truly reflect themselves in their wedding.

5. Support for Local Businesses
There’s no denying that many businesses and the entire wedding industry have been adversely impacted by Covid-19. In 2021, we expect to see couples working with local suppliers to provide support and help boost the economy.

6. Statement Sleeves
When it comes to bridal gowns, bigger and more detailed sleeves are better in 2021. Early runway events have showcased simple gowns with puffy sleeves, capped sleeves or sleeves with intricate detailing.

7. Eco-Weddings
Modern couples who are environmentally-conscious are placing more of a focus on eco-weddings that reflect their personal beliefs and values. Expect to see more reusable items on display with everything from cutlery to decor, as well as deliberate partnerships with eco-friendly, sustainable suppliers.

8. Bold Lighting
There’s something about lighting that can alter an entire venue and couples are embracing it this wedding season. From twinkling fairy lights to concept lighting designs, expect to see lights featuring in wedding decor at least in some aspect.

9. Lots of Greenery
Green and white floral displays have been trending over the last few years, although green foliage is likely to take centre stage in 2021. Think leafy green centrepieces and extravagant foliage on arches for a natural, yet sophisticated, look.

10. Smaller Bridal Bouquets
Cascading bridal bouquets are out in favour of smaller, simpler bouquets this year. Brides are likely to opt for smaller arrangements that will allow their gowns to be the focus.

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