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Tips For Choosing Your Dress

The date has been set, the location for the wedding has been chosen and now the search for the perfect wedding dress begins. With so many different designs, styles and fabrics to choose from, searching for the right wedding dress can be less than simple. Here are some tips on how to approach choosing your dream wedding dress.

When choosing a wedding dress, brides are recommended to book into approximately three good bridal boutiques. Friends who have recently got married will be a good source of information. You can also look online for recommendations on the best bridal boutiques. Once you start trying on the gowns, you will get an immediate feel for what you like and dislike. Follow your instincts. Whilst it may be tempting to bring a lot of friends and family with you, keep in mind that too many opinions are likely to be confusing. It’s best to keep numbers down to only one or two friends or family members if you’re able to do this without offending anyone!

Where possible, make the first visit to the bridal boutique on your own. Keep an open mind and try on gowns in many different shapes and neckline styles. This will help you narrow down the search, without missing something you may have previously ruled out as unsuitable. Take time to really think about how you perceive yourself as a bride. If you have a theme for the wedding, look for styles that will complement the overall ‘look and feel’ of the wedding. The style you choose should enhance your best features. Avoid choosing a style which you think looks great in pictures over a gown that in reality looks fabulous on you. Try to keep as much of an open mind as possible to make sure you don’t miss out on something fabulous. Remember to choose a dress which is cut to the right proportions and fitted correctly and make sure that you combine this with the right undergarments. During this first visit, make a shortlist of your favourites and then to go back with a trusted friend or family member before making your final decision.

There are general guidelines as to what suits different figures and skin tones. For example, ‘V’ necklines often suit fuller busts and ‘A line’ skirts often suit fuller hips. Petite girls often look good in empire lines. When choosing the shade for your bridal gown place the fabric swatches close to your face in both daylight and artificial light. You will instantly see which colours enhance your complexion and which do nothing for you. The right shade will make you glow. The general rule is the darker your complexion, the lighter you can go. Lighter skin tones should opt for ivory and cream shades. Red heads look stunning in creams and soft gold as well as in pale pinks.

If you’ve selected a softer, slinkier gown, choose a fabric which is fluid and drapes easily. Delicate chiffon, organza, crepe satin, soft lace, both beaded and plain, all work well with these styles. Vintage-style gowns are often adorned with Swarovski crystal beading, which looks beautiful in daylight or candlelight. Strapless gowns are always a classic choice, but shoulder and neckline details can be added, including halters, ruffled necklines and fine straps.

When it comes to your veil, try to adapt your choice both to the style of your dress as well as the location of your wedding. Try on different styles and lengths with your gown at the fitting to see how you feel about the veil before deciding. Lace edge, long veils and fine long single tiers scattered with crystals look beautiful with most gowns. Enhance your look with stunning accessories! Pretty hair vines, either in pearl, crystal or a mixture of both, can be intertwined into your hair for a less formal look. For more of a statement, choose from a growing selection of tiaras or diamante hair combs or else opt for a sparkling headpiece to set off your look to more dramatic effect.

Whatever you decide, the most important thing is to feel good in your choice of dress and accessories. Work the room and feel beautiful, it’s your special day!

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