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The Perfect Wedding Cake: 5 Steps

Beautiful or delicious? It can be both!

Exactly as you dreamt or exactly within a tight budget? It should be a (pardon the pun) marriage of both of those too.

Like many elements of your magical day, you deserve the perfect wedding cake (and the perfect invitations, dress, photos, music, ceremony . . .)

Your wedding cake is a symbol of your love and it should be perfect. These five steps will make sure that your cake is perfect for your photos, perfect for your guests, and perfect for your memories.

By Caked and Baked
1. Imagine the possibilities

When you were little, how did you envision your wedding cake?

Surely, your tastes have changed (gummy bears may no longer be such a draw). But when you imagine, you should use your little girl mind: the one with endless possibilities and no limitations; the one that still believes in magic and princesses and unicorns.

          • Do you want to go the traditional route with a tiered cake or something more modern like cupcakes?
          • As a topper, are you picturing little people in a loving embrace or perhaps crystal initials or fresh flowers?
          • What are your favorite flavors? Consider something meaningful like recreating the first red velvet dessert you shared with your soulmate as the flavor of your wedding cake.

Brainstorm every detail and scour wedding magazines for examples until you can visualize the perfect wedding cake.

2. Plan

Once you have a clear vision, add specific needs to create your plan.

          • How many people does the cake need to serve? Are there other desserts in addition to the cake?
          • Where and how will the cake be displayed? Plan the cake table and its decorations
          • Are you planning on freezing the top tier for your first anniversary Or monthaversary)?
          • Are you getting married outdoors during hot months? Whipped cream, meringue, and buttercream may melt.
3. Budget

Reality is…we must work within a budget.

But there are ways to stay within budget and still get your dream cake. Consider these cost-savers:

          • Get a smaller version of your dream cake and add other dessert options
          • If you want flowers, real fresh flowers are less expensive than hand-crafted sugar flowers (and look better too!). According to The Knot, “It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to mold and dust just one pretty sugar replica.” And time is money!
          • Insisting on a big cake? Fake it with foam tiers decorated to match the real tiers.
          • Unstack your cake – by spreading out the tiers instead of stacking them, the effect is still grand while the price is not
4. Select

When it comes to your wedding cake, there are many selections you need to make. Weigh each carefully and pick what is right for you.

          • Select the bakery based on reviews and your own cake tasting. Do not decide based only on others’ reviews, but also do not decide based only on a tasting – find out how cakes tasted at the actual events too.
          • Select the flavors that you want. Want to premium flavors but don’t have a premium budget? Opt for the fancy flavors for the smaller tiers and standard chocolate or vanilla for the larger tiers.
          • Select the size, design, and display based on what is right for you. Remember that, as a general rule of thumb, the more people you consult, the more differing opinions you will get.
5. Cherish

It is your day. It is your cake. And you most certainly can (and should!) have your (dream) cake and eat it too! Make sure your photographer and videographer get plenty of time with the cake before (and while) it is cut, but don’t rely just on the pics – photograph your perfect cake in your memory and make sure that your life with your soulmate is as sweet, decadent, and beautiful as your wedding cake.

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