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The Dos and Don’ts of Wedding Invitations

Many couples feel significant pressure when it comes to selecting their wedding invitations. They certainly can be confusing, but it’s something that you want to get right. After all, how else will your guests know when to show up for your wedding, where to go, and what is expected of them?

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of dos and don’ts of wedding invitations. Keep these in mind and you’ll have the perfect set of invitations off to your guests in no time!


Things You Should Do With Your Wedding Invitations

  • Do Be Consistent

You want your wedding invitations to fit in seamlessly with all of your other wedding stationery and choices. Think about the overall theme of your wedding and choose a design that fits in with this aesthetic. Also, consider the type of language you have used in other documents such as your save the dates or perhaps on your wedding website. Your wedding invitations should be written using the same type of language, whether that’s formal or casual.


  • Do Include RSVP Details

RSVP details should be made very clear on your wedding invitations. You will need people to respond before the big day so that you can confirm your final numbers with vendors. Make it easy for people to understand how they can RSVP as this will encourage everyone to do so. Also, remember to have a way of tracking RSVPs so you can follow up with guests if necessary.


  • Do Include Location

Location is an essential part of a wedding invitation. Include the name of the venue, as well as the specific address complete with the relevant town or suburb. If the venue is difficult to find, consider adding instructions or a map so that your guests can find the place.


  • Do Use Your Wedding Colors

To ensure your wedding invitations are an extension of your overall theme and decor, use your wedding colors in their design. It will help pull everything together!


  • Do Choose A Style That Suits You

There are so many options for wedding invitations – the choice can be overwhelming! Remember to pick something that you like and that represents you as a couple, rather than a design you think you should choose.


Things You Don’t Want To Do With Your Wedding Invitations


  • Don’t Go Overboard With Fonts

Less is more when it comes to wedding invitations. Using too many different styling elements, including numerous fonts, will only cause your invitations to look cluttered and tacky. It’s best to stick to a maximum of two fonts for a clean, sophisticated design.


  • Don’t Be Vague

Clarity is key when it comes to wedding invitations. Explicitly state who is invited by listing the names of each individual (rather than simply saying family) and be as direct as possible with any instructions.


  • Don’t Mention Wedding Week Events

You might have a whole list of activities planned for before or after your big day, but your wedding invitations are not the place for this information. Keep the details strictly about the wedding day and provide the other information in an alternative manner.


  • Don’t Order the Exact Amount of Wedding Invitations you Require

Always order a few extra wedding invitations so you have a couple spare should something happen. You never when a handwritten mistake or spilled drink might occur, and you should definitely keep a copy of your invitation as a keepsake!


  • Don’t Use Addresses that Haven’t Been Verified on Google Maps

Make sure to check the venue’s address on Google Maps before putting it on your invitations. Most people will simply enter the address into their phones so you want to make sure that it is going to the right place.

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