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The Best Months for Weddings in Israel

If you’re hoping to have your dream wedding in Israel, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a quick guide on the best months for weddings in Israel. The good news is that any month of the year will work, it just depends on what type of wedding you want! Take a read for all of our tips and tricks to plan the Israeli wedding you’ve always wanted.


Spring is typically a great time for a wedding in Israel, in terms of both the weather and a metaphorical sense. As the temperature rises, nature comes alive once again, blooming with vibrant colours and new growth. This makes a stunning backdrop for any outdoor celebration and is also a beautiful symbol of starting your new life together. The temperatures are likely to be mild so you won’t melt in an outdoor wedding, although take note that it might still be windy and cool if you are opting for a seaside event.


A summer wedding can make sense if you are having it on the beach, but bear in mind that temperatures can be sweltering – you don’t want to sweat through your gown before you even say ‘I do’! July and August are generally too hot for outdoor events, but this won’t be an issue if you plan on having your wedding indoors. For warm but tolerable temperatures, you could opt for June, especially if you have your heart set on an outdoor wedding. It will still bring the vibe of a warm summer day without you and your guests getting too uncomfortable.


The rich colours of autumn create the perfect backdrop for beautiful wedding photos. Depending on the location, autumn weather can accommodate an indoor or outdoor wedding, although it is best to have a wet weather plan just in case things don’t work out on the day. Autumn can be an especially good choice for couples seeking a rustic theme.


Winter brings with it cooler temperatures, but sunshine is still prevalent throughout the season so you don’t have to give up on getting some photos in the sun. It is the perfect season for brides dreaming of sleek, long-sleeved dresses or floaty, floor-length gowns, as the extra fabric will help keep you warm in the cooler weather. Most winter weddings in Israel will need to be held mostly indoors for comfort reasons, but outdoor components are still possible depending on the location and venue.

Top Tip

One of the most important things to remember when selecting a wedding date is national holidays. These holidays have a significant impact on cost and availability, so you’ll want to factor this into your decision. A wedding on a national holiday can seem romantic, but in reality, it might prevent people from attending your special day and can seriously blow your budget.

Every season is wedding season in Israel! The main thing is to identify what type of wedding you want, then pick the month that best suits your location, venue and aesthetic. Happy planning!




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