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Wedding Planning

The Best Apps and Websites for Planning Your Wedding

Today, there is an app or website for everything – wedding planning included. From budget tracking to color palettes and everything in between, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best wedding tech out there. Wedding planning has never been so easy!

Carats & Cake

If you’re just starting out on your wedding planning journey, look no further than Carats & Cake. It provides all of the inspo you need to plan your big day and the best part? It links every single vendor who brought the vision to life! That way, you can easily contact individual businesses to arrange your very own version of a cake, bouquet, table setting, or whatever may have caught your eye.


Another one for the couple beginning their planning, WeddingWire is a comprehensive database of venues and vendors. Not even sure where to start? Start here! Browse through all of the products and services you need. Once you’ve locked in the big things (like venue, celebrant, photographer), WeddingWire will continue to assist your planning with their budget templates, checklists, and general tips.


Trello is not just for the workplace. If you are someone who loves a checklist, this platform is the perfect solution to keeping all of your to-dos in one place. You can even add notes and easily share with others (like your partner, bridal party, and wedding planner) for ultimate efficiency!

Google Drive

Another popular tech solution that will make your wedding planning easier, Google Drive provides a single place to store everything you need. You can upload all of the inspirational photos, guest lists, and vendor contracts you desire, then share them with your partner and wedding planner to get everyone on the same page. It even links with Google Calendar so nobody will miss a thing.


This free app will ensure that you don’t miss a thing. With pre-loaded tasks and the option to add your own, it will prompt you whenever a deadline is approaching so you know what needs to be done. This information can also be shared with whoever you choose to keep everyone in the loop.

Facebook Recommendations

The best way to find providers you’ll be happy with? Ask people you trust. If you start writing a post to your Facebook network, you will be given the option to turn on recommendations. People can comment and the answers will all be saved in one easy location – it’s that simple!


Burner makes collecting bulk information easy. It creates a temporary phone number that people can text, or call and leave a message so that all of the data will exist in one place. RSVPs and dietary requirements have never been easier.

The Venue Report

Looking for a venue? Look no further than the Venue Report. It is a database of wedding venues that allows you to filter according to location, capacity and price. Once you’ve got suitable venues, you can easily browse fees and other details to find the wedding venue of your dreams.

All Seated

If you are a visual person or just someone who wants to make sure their vision comes to life, use AllSeated. Essentially, you send a photo of your venue to the company who then turns it into a digital 3D model. From here, you can add tables and decorations to create a complete diagram of exactly how you want the space to look.

Pantone Studio

Start exploring the wedding world and you’ll quickly realize there’s no such thing as simply ‘white’ or ‘green’ or ‘orange’. It’s all ivory and sage and coral, which can be a confusing and daunting place to navigate. Enter Pantone Studio. The app allows you to take a photo of any color and it will provide you with the exact name of the shade. It takes all of the stress away from creating a color palette!

Weddington Way

If getting your bridal party together is becoming near impossible, try Weddington Way instead. You can filter clothing according to your requirements, then use their online platform to share styles you like, add comments, and find the perfect outfits for the big day.


Minted is a company providing beautiful wedding invitations that don’t break the bank. Their templates are created by artists and graphic designers but are completely customizable to suit your budget.

Riley & Grey

For a unique wedding website, check out Riley & Grey. They add new templates regularly so you can find the perfect design to share information with all of your guests.


For the ultimate registry, head to Zola. You can register for all of the usual household items and gifts, as well as specialty goods like camp ovens, a honeymoon fund, or even a donation to charity. People can even choose to split the cost of more expensive items.


To create a super easy registry, log into Amazon and turn your wish list into a registry! Their services will put everything together in a browsable format so your guests can simply log on and do their gift shopping online.


Instead of restricting guests with shuttle bus times, opt for UberEVENTS. You can set up a special code to cover the cost of people’s rides, even setting a limit for how much you would like to cover for each person.


If you have guests that can’t make the big day but still want to be a part of your special occasion, consider using WebWed. The platform will live stream your ceremony and then have the footage available for download over the following 30 days.


Once the wedding and honeymoon are over, there’s a good chance you won’t want to face another aspect of wedding admin. If this is the case, let Postable take care of your thank-you notes! All you have to provide are the messages and addresses, then Postable will print the notes, put them in envelopes, address them, and send them off to recipients.


With so many technologies available, it’s worth taking a look at some of these platforms to see how you can simplify your wedding planning.

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