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How to Surprise Your Mate At Your Wedding

Your wedding will be a memorable day in your heart and mind (as well as those of your guests) but remember always that the most important people on this magical day are you are your mate. Surprising your sweetheart will create an everlasting memory and impact beyond your wedding day.  The surprise will entertain your guests and add a special touch that shows your attention and special love.

A surprise does not have to be huge. It is often the little things in life that make the best and biggest impact.

Here are some tips and ideas that that will surprise your mate at your wedding and will make your wedding more memorable and fun.

Surprise Song

Consider combing through your love letters and texts to identify some of your favorite sentences or simply be creative straight from your heart an authentic love poem to your mate. If you have a talented friend that can assist in composing it into a performance, work with them or hire a professional studio. Your guests and mate will be impressed, surprised, and touched as you share it on your wedding day.

If you need a choir, ask your wedding party to join you or hire a band that can support your song.

Surprise Dance

If your wedding party consists of a group of fun and outgoing friends, get committed to learning something new as a super team, and work on a surprise dance for your mate. The entertaining and choreographed dance can be to a song or musical tunes that are special to you and reflect your style and passions. Incorporate outfits and accessories to match your wedding themes and personal style.

Surprise Wedding Dress

Keep your wedding dress a complete surprise.  Keeping your partner curious and waiting until you walk down the aisle to see you for the first time will create a powerful and everlasting memory.

You may ask your wedding party to hold special cards with a message you want to tell your partner as you walk in looking stunning. Special customized attire for your wedding party can also surprise your mate.

Surprise Temporary Tattoo

If you and your partner enjoy surprising each other in wild and adventurous manners, consider a temporary tattoo for your special day. It can be around your wedding theme or a message you would like your partner to remember.

Surprise Presentation

Take the time to gather childhood photos and clips and put together a movie to share with your guests and later – your future kids. Ask your friends and family to add their own photos of you. Add music and present it as a surprise to your mate during the reception. You can also make it funny and unique by adding letters and elements that reflect the two of you.

Surprise Drink and Food

Surprise your mate and toast to your future and success with his or her special drink on your special day. You may also print your own special wine labels and let your guests enjoy your favorite wine.

Include your mate’s favorite foods in the menu and let all your guests enjoy the tastes that are extra special to your mate.

Surprise Wedding Ring

Engrave your wedding date, location or a short and sweet message into your wedding bands as a surprise.

Surprise Honeymoon

Arrange for a special limo to pick you up straight from your wedding to the airport and make your honeymoon even more surprising by adding another night or making your destination more attractive by adding surprising elements to it.

Surprise Wedding Night

Arrange for an amazing wedding night for you and your partner.  Plan ahead and make sure your hotel will have all that you need to unwind and relax as desired.

Whatever creative and surprises actions you select for your wedding remember to have fun and be yourself. Need help planning the perfect surprise? Contact us for more ideas.

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