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Summer Wedding Survival Guide

As your big day is approaching this summer; as the temperatures keep rising; as the prep time starts running out, you may want to consider the following tips to keep cool (physically and emotionally!) and survive (and thrive at) your summer wedding.

Lighten your Wedding Dress
  • Pick up a wedding dress that is comfortable and right for hot weather
  • Make sure the material is thin and light and the gown is not too long or bulky
  • Consider a change of dress if you plan on a long party after your ceremony (it is common in Israel for the bride to change from her wedding dress after the ceremony to a more casual dress for the after party, which usually goes late into the night).
Make your Guests Feel at Home

Make your guests feel comfortable and allow them to wear clothing that is less formal. The internet (Pinterest, anyone?) is packed with ideas that will create the ambiance you wish and will allow your guests to feel relaxed and be able to dance and party comfortably with their summer attire.

Pick light summer dresses for your bridal party.

Let your guests and friends know that they may want to bring a change of clothes and a comfortable pair of flip flops.

Step Away from the (Sun) Light

Timing is everything, so plan your event for evening hours, when the discomfort of the extreme summer heat is lessened.

An evening wedding in Israel is common during the summer. For a beautiful and cool ceremony, time your ceremony for sunset.

Ask your vendors and wedding coordinators to help create and design lots of shade and opportunities to stay away from direct sun light. Consult your photographers about best lighting conditions for memorable photos.

Makeup Survival

Work with your makeup artist to select cosmetics that are right for you and for summer. Pick ones that will last and look good on your face. Request that the photographer takes photos in shade and consider asking the makeup artist to touch up your make up several times during the evening and ensure your fresh look.

Hydration Stations

Offer your guests access to cool water (infused with cucumbers) and plenty of refreshing snacks and summer fruits. Plenty of fresh water and ice are important, especially if you intend to keep an open bar.

Hair Essentials

Remember to pack hairspray and consider wearing your hair up if possible to stay cool, comfortable, and elegantly classy.

Sunscreen and Bug Sprays

Encourage your guests to apply bug spray and sunscreen often.

Fans as Favors

Your guests may enjoy mini fans as wedding favors or gift baskets with moisturizing facial wipes, refreshing summer drinks and hats.

Remember to check the weather forecast ahead of time and plan ahead for the most fun in the sun. Contact us for more information.


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