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Shine On: Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips

To look your best and celebrate (and accentuate!) your natural beauty, to impress each guest and leave a lifetime impact on your man, follow these tips to plan ahead and look your best.

Create a master list and timeline

Take the time to create a master list of all your beauty appointments and contact information of all providers. Next to each item, list the appropriate time needed for best results. For example, you may be able to whiten your teeth a few months before your big day, while you may need to plan your manicure appointment for just a few days before.

This list will help you plan both financially and strategically for your big day. By having the names of your beauty crew handy and your appointments scheduled properly, you will enjoy maximum comfort and peace of mind and ease.

Don’t forget to have alternate beauty providers available and ask questions to learn all you need to know.

Your Hair Appointments

If you plan to color your hair for your wedding day, take time to experiment several weeks before the wedding. This also applies to your cut and style. Allow enough time for your hair to grow if you are not comfortable with your look and for your color or highlights to settle.

Test all hair products before your big day and travel with sample sizes ready to apply before and during the wedding. Assign a bridesmaid as your beauty helper to ensure your hair looks its best.

If your destination wedding is a summer one in Israel, consider the high humidity (and rain in the winter for an outdoor wedding) and do not select hairstyles that require heavy use of hair spray or that are affected by the weather.

If you plan on using hair extensions, find a salon that offers them or bring your own and schedule your stylist in advance.

The Mani-Pedi Appointment

Wouldn’t it be fun to have a mani-pedi night out with your bridesmaids? Schedule it no more than a day or two ahead to ensure a fresh look. You may want to consider gel instead of regular nail polish. With your gel nails, you will not need to worry about your nails chipping.

If your nail appointment will be overseas for your destination wedding, remember to book your appointment ahead, choose a salon that speaks your language, and let them know about your exciting day. Bring pictures of your desired nail shapes and your favorite nail polish colors from home if needed.

Think ahead about your ring and close-up photos and choose a nail color that will stand the test of time.

Your Wax and Laser Appointments

If you want to be smooth for your wedding night and honeymoon, plan ahead and allow a few months for any laser hair removal (it often takes a few appointments with several weeks in between). If you choose to wax, do so up to a week before as you may have redness and it may take a several days if you have sensitive skin.

Makeup Appointments

Have a makeup trial (or even a few) before your big day. Ask your makeup artist to stay with you for your big entry and or touch your make up after your ceremony (in case you will tear from joy). Have your makeup artist teach you and your Maid of Honor how to touch up your make up.

Allow enough time to meet with your makeup artist and experiment. This will pay off in the long run it will make for memorable wedding photos!

Dentist and Dermatologist Appointments

Schedule these appointments ahead of time – a few weeks or up to one month before – to ensure that your skin will look its best and your teeth will be sparkling and white.

Exercise and Diet

Eating healthy foods will keep you feeling your best and looking gorgeous on your big day. Avocado, oats, cucumber, and many more kinds of fruits and vegetables come highly recommended.

Exercise regularly and drink plenty of healthy fluids to stay hydrated. Water, coconut water, sports drinks, and herbal teas will keep you energized and feeling fit.

It’s Your Time to Shine

Follow these tips and your choice of makeup, hair and nail color will reflect who you are and showcase your natural beauty.

Remember to have fun, be safe and contact us for more tips and ideas.


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