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Selecting Your Bridal Party: Who, How And Why

Wedding planning is a time that brings us together not only with our partner for life, but also with others who are closest to our hearts and most want to celebrate with us.

When selecting the bridal party that will stand beside you on your magical day, you can choose from an endless pool of friends and family from both sides: the bride’s and the groom’s. Think of it as an opportunity to select your own support group and create your own team that will help you create a wedding (and a marriage) of celebration, love, and harmony.

Think Long Term

Your bridal party will be remembered for years to come in pictures and in memories and will have significance in future events and milestones of your new family. Carefully consider your choices with a perspective that looks into the future, Ask yourself:

  • Who can you visualize as a part of your life in the future?
  • Who is responsible and can commit and be trusted?
  • Siblings are most likely to be in your life years from now, who else is like family to you?
Your Other Partners

You have likely already spent hours on end envisioning your wedding and your life with your spouse. Use those same skills of envisioning to think about your other partners.

  • What does your dream bridal party look like?
  • Who would you like to have at your rehearsal dinner?
  • Who will be helpful at your side along the path from planning to celebrating?
  • Who will you enjoy planning and working with?
  • Who will enable you to make your wedding dream come true?
The Best PART of the Bridal PARTy

Once you select your team, remain open to their input and see how you can incorporate their natural talents in the wedding. Your best of friends know you well and can advocate for you throughout the process. Including the right people in your bridal party will not only mean a lot to them, it will also ensure your peace of mind during a stressful time.

Be Reasonable and Communicative

Logic and communication skills will help you select the right bridal party. You may want to include other family members in the selection process.

Standing under the chuppa with family and friends is indeed an unforgettable moment and an opportunity to acknowledge deep friendship.

Be Respectful and Grateful

Honor your bridal party members by inviting them with a special note or taking them out to acknowledge their friendship and contribution to your life. This enhances the selection to a privilege.  Standing beside you on your wedding day is an opportunity to celebrate with you, but it is also an acknowledgment of those who raised you, walked life’s path with you, and continue to support you.

Realizing that your big day is also theirs and owning it together as a team will create an everlasting memory that will remain forever in everyone’s hearts.

Getting Help

Working with your wedding coordinator on these small details can make a big difference in shaping the future of one of the most memorable days in your life. Our team knows how to help all bridal party members work well together to make dreams come true. Contact us today.

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