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The Most Romantic Wedding Moments

With all sappiness aside, weddings truly are one of the most romantic events to have and be a part of. Of course, marrying one’s partner in life is the ultimate peak, but there are also some extra romantic moments to look forward to when envisioning your big day – and they are certainly ones to get excited about. These are the heartfelt moments that make every wedding sing – without a dry eye in the crowd.

Your first kiss as man & wife

Lean into this embrace with all your love. This is when you seal the deal.

Holding each other during your first dance

All of the planning and people fall away in these three quiet minutes – when it is just the two of you in your orb and realization hits that you’ve done it!

Taking in every moment side by side

Whether it be fireworks – for real or just imaginary – every wedding has those take-away memories that seep into your forever bank of precious life experiences.

The non-stop party

With all of the scheduling, planning, timing and everything in between, don’t forget, your wedding is actually the best party ever. And you both are at the center of it all. Live it up.

Having your most cherished loved ones there to cheer you on

Beloved family, friends, reminders of childhood, adolescence and adulthood, accompanied by achievements and the future – all of these momentous people and stages in one room. This is a lot to hold. Expect the emotions to overflow. Greet it all with love together because that is what surrounds you with all of its magic.


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