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Questions To Ask Your Photographer

The right wedding photographer should be able to capture your special moments with a combination of skill and sensitivity. He or she should be fully aware of your wants and needs and be able to hang back at key moments without missing a minute of what’s going on. This selection is of great importance as your photography will be revisited by you and your loved ones for years to come, long after your special day has ended. Your photographer will be by your side during your preparations and while you’re walking down the aisle and it’s crucial that their presence throughout these key moment is one you feel comfortable with.

We’ve laid out the top questions to ask your wedding photographer to make sure you’re in the right hands on your special day.

  1. Tell me a bit about yourself and what’s important to you in capturing our wedding?
  2. How would you define your style of photography?
  3. It’s important to us that our photographer doesn’t interfere in the course of our wedding. Are you able to provide a “fly on the wall” documentary style of photography?
  4. Are we able to see photography from other weddings you’ve photographed?
  5. Will you help guide us on the day, recommend photography spots etc.?
  6. How long do you anticipate our pre-wedding photography to take?
  7. Are you willing to allocate time for family shots before or after the ceremony?
  8. Are you able provide particular focus on a pre-specified list of guests should we ask for it?
  9. Are you comfortable working with any videographer we choose? Will you agree to work together with him/her to the best possible effect?
  10. What is the price of your photography package?
  11. How many hours of photography are included in my photography package?
  12. What is the start time and when is the end time?
  13. What is the cost for each additional hour?
  14. How many photographers are included in my package? Is this sufficient for my number of guests? What is the cost should I decide I’d like to add on an additional photographer? How many hours of photography would be included for the additional photographer?
  15. How many wedding images am I likely to receive? In what resolution?
  16. Are all of these images edited? If not, how many of them are edited?
  17. Will I receive all of the photographs taken at my wedding? In what form?
  18. What is the time frame for receiving my images after the wedding?
  19. What options do you offer for photography albums?
  20. Can I see examples of all the types of photography albums you offer?
  21. What are the prices of the various photography album options?
  22. How does the selection process for photography albums work?
  23. How much input will I have as to the layout of my albums?
  24. How long after my selection of images will my photography albums be ready?
  25. What are your payment terms?
  26. When are payments due?
  27. What is your cancellation policy?
  28. What happens if you are unable to attend on the day of my wedding?
  29. What kind of photographic equipment do you use?
  30. Will you be using my images on any commercial platform? Do you agree to have any such use subject to my prior consent?

Whichever photographer you end up choosing, trust in your choice and try to heed their advice as much as you can. Remember that you all share the same objective, showcasing your important day in the best possible light.

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