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Including Your Guests In The Wedding Fun

Your destination wedding guests are probably just excited as you are for their upcoming travel and your destination wedding. In fact, your guests will always play a key role in your wedding memories.

A special way (that is also fun and easy) to acknowledge your guests and their efforts and involve them in your day is to seek their input by asking them questions that later can be part of your wedding scrapbook and memorabilia.

Here are some fun questions that will help your guests engage and feel included in celebrating your day and creating a meaningful memory for all of you:

What is your very best marriage advice?

This question can be posed to your guests during their meal. You can leave pens and cards on each table and ask guests for their best advice and share it on paper. Your guests will surprise you with their collected words of wisdom and will have fun chatting with one another about their own tips and relationship experiences.

How do we keep our love alive day after day?

This romantic question will provide tips for you for the upcoming months and years for how to keep your love and passion alive. You may receive ideas ranging from for a date night to advice on how to resolve conflicts in the most effective ways.

Taking the time in your new future together to consider and implement your guests’ tips would provide you with ideas, tools and coping strategies for fun and romantic activities.

Where do you see us and wish for us to be in five or ten years from now?

This call for action question will give your destination guests an opportunity to be part of the exciting future that you are creating for yourself and your partner. You will be able to reflect and thank those whose ideas you choose to follow and implement.

You might get answers that will surprise the two of you about where your guests see you reside and the choices they see you make.

You can set a special time around your anniversary to evaluate where you are in relation to where you want to be.

Where shall we celebrate our wedding anniversaries?

This fun question will guarantee you many places to visit and tour. Remind your destination guests to also share their best dinning and lodging experiences with you and take the time to thank them once you visit some of these places on your anniversary.

What family traditions shall we pass on to our next stage of life?

This meaningful question will touch many of your family members who choose to keep traditions alive for many years. It will also inspire some of your destination guests to pass on to you some of their cherished ideas.

Family traditions are a wonderful way to celebrate holidays and will help you identify what is important to you and your partner.

Encourage your guests to list the reasons for their recommendations. You may be able to gather family stories that later might be lost..

What is your best advice for us as parents?

This question may seem a bit complex to you now but will come very handy when you have a family of your own. Your destination guests’ wisdom will be very useful when you are feeling overwhelmed and in need of a vacation from your intense parenting life.

What will you remember from our destination wedding?

This question will help you capture the meaningful memories your guests enjoyed from your destination wedding. It will also assist you when writing thank you notes as you can refer to what your guests valued.

What are your best ideas for a date night?

Other experienced couples will suggest ideas that will spice up your quality time with your partner and enhance your romance.

Ways to collect advice and cherish it for years to come

The easiest way to collect your destination guests’ input is to simply ask them to use pen and paper. Leave cards on their tables (or in their hotel rooms) for them to complete. You may want to have a drop box at your wedding for their completed cards or ask one of your bridesmaids to collect them at the end of your celebration.

When you return home from your destination wedding and honeymoon, you can gather your friends for an evening of scrap-booking and fun and work on a book full of memories and suggestions you will enjoy for many more years to come. You may also add photos to your book and print additional copies for some of your family and friends to also enjoy.

Have fun gathering all the answers and putting together a scrapbook that you and your sweetheart can refer to for advice and fun ideas. Contact us for more ideas.


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