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Predicted Wedding Trends for 2022

The end of another year is upon us so it’s only natural to turn our attention to the one that lies ahead. What will 2022 bring for weddings? Only time will tell, but we’re here to give you a pretty good idea of what to expect.

Take a look at our list of predicted wedding trends for 2022.

The Big Wedding

With Covid-19 restricting many events over the past two years, big weddings are expected to come back with a bang! Micro weddings will be a thing of the past with couples choosing to throw large events to make up for the lost time. The more the merrier!


Gold has had a good run, but it looks like more couples will be choosing silver in 2022. Think sophisticated silver accents throughout the decor, including cakes, table settings, and statement pieces. There’s also likely to be a preference for silver jewelry, so if you were tossing up between gold and silver, choose the latter if you’re looking to be on-trend.


The concept of big and bold is likely to be expressed through themed weddings. Whether it’s a classy Monte Carlo night, Old Hollywood glam, or a cosy mountain getaway in the woods, it is expected that couples will commit to making their event truly special. After all, we deserve it after the global pandemic!

Long Weekend Events

Another way to make up for missed time and delays is to extend the event itself. Long weekend weddings are expected to trend in 2022, with couples bringing their guests together for a range of events over the course of a weekend (or long weekend!). It’s the perfect way to catch up with everyone you haven’t seen due to lockdowns and also provide an enjoyable experience for guests.

Corsets and Square Necklines

Elegance is back in a big way when it comes to bridal gowns with the early catwalks showcasing many corsets and square necklines. Corsets are a classic feature of bridal wear and the perfect choice for anyone wanting to create that ‘princess moment’ for their big day. To avoid bulkiness, stay away from pleats at the waist. Square necklines are a great option for brides looking to create an illusion of slimmer shoulders as they will draw attention to the bust. 2022 will see many square necklines complemented by beaded detail or statement sleeves.


To all the couples getting married in 2022, congratulations! We wish you all the best for your life together. And to our loyal audience, happy new year!



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