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Of course, the highlight of a wedding is bearing witness to the special union of a couple, being among family and friends and dancing until the wee hours. Even still, more and more, wedding festivities are upping the ante, including extra added fun with unique sources of entertainment for guests to dabble in during the quieter moments before or after the ceremony, dinner, speeches and partying. Here are a few memorable, interactive options that are sure to keep guests engaged for hours.

Memory Photo Booth

Either stage your own with DIY decorations and props or hire the slew of business who’ve hopped on this ever-popular trend. Getting goofy and taking pictures will never go out of style. From magnets to postcards and a series of stickers stamped with the bride and groom’s wedding date, the options are endless.

Caricature Artist

Having your nose a bit more pronounced, your eyes bugging out and that grin wider than ever are telltale signatures of the caricature artist – and what’s more fun than a take-home illustration of you and your date to seal the wedding festivities in your mind forever?


Magicians and illusionists can create an atmosphere of awestruck, child-like wonder in even the most stubborn naysayers. Hire one to ‘break the ice’ during the welcome reception while guests are being served hors d’oeuvres and mingling before the ceremony starts. It will set the mood for a magical night ahead.

Create a Casino

Everyone loves a card game, and a few playful rounds of Blackjack or Poker brings an air of intrigue to the party – especially getting guests to interact and have some free-spirited fun.

Tarot Card Reader

Weddings have a way of making people nostalgic about their own lives, bringing about a sort of reflective state of mind. A lot of memories are remembered and shared. Guests may see family and friends they haven’t been in touch with in years and milestone celebrations often conjure up personal revelations. Tarot Card Readers can harness those specific feelings and offer a spiritual and meaningful addition to the night’s festivities.

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