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Top 6 Ways To Infuse Luxury Into Your Wedding

Not much makes a wedding as memorable (for the couple and for their guests) as luxury. On this most special day, everyone deserves to be treated like royalty. Finding the best way to infuse luxury into the wedding (without breaking the bank) is a conundrum that keeps many brides up at night during the wedding planning phase.

Many couples mistakenly assume that having a budget precludes them from having a luxurious wedding for the memory books. Not so. Luxury isn’t about cost – it is about comfort and enjoyment.

Here are 6 ways to infuse luxury into your wedding:

Pick a luxurious theme – and pick it early

If luxury is what you’re after, forego the Harry Potter theme. Instead, pick the most luxurious thing you enjoy: the opera, the spa, fairy tales, wine, orchids… the key is pick your theme (and posh colors!) early in the planning stages and tie everything into it: Save the Date cards, names of your featured cocktails, centerpiece designs, lighting, floral designs, wedding favors . . . you can even get extra creative and work a reference into your vows.

Upgrade your tables for wow effect

Design your tables to be different. Consider fabric overlays on top of regular tablecloths, napkins folded into designs (that match your theme, of course!) or tied with flowers, adding candles to your table designs (consider placing them on mirrors for double the effect) to make a romantic luxurious impression…small upgrades can make a big difference.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

Assuming you aren’t going to decorate your invitations, centerpieces, escort cards, and bouquet with diamonds, you can get the same effect with faux crystals or glass beads. The same can be said of expensive champagne (opt for local bubbly) and many other high-priced items that are thought of as luxurious – you can substitute with less costly items without sacrificing on luxury.

The way to a guest’s heart in through their stomach

Water with lemon is served at every diner…but water with a slice of strawberry is very out of the ordinary.

Provide white gloves for your waiting staff. You can buy them ahead very inexpensively and they add an element of luxury.

Instead of regular sugar packets with coffee, use rock sugar sticks.

Israeli receptions are often buffet-style, but pass around appetizers can be served in shot glasses, on spoons, or in a variety of luxurious and innovative ways.

Find a way to make each guest smile

In Israel, weddings often include hundreds of guests. To plan ways to make each one feel like they are the only one is virtually impossible… but what is luxury if not making the “virtually impossible” possible?

  • Consider things you can do ahead to make people feel special: such as sending them an email the day before the wedding (scheduled through an emailing app, of course) reminding them that it is really important to you that they be there.
  • Consider ways to make them feel involved: such as including a program with funny anecdotes about yourselves and a short intro to your family members and bridal party.
  • Consider luxurious surprises: certain things have come to be expected at weddings, but when there are unexpected surprises, well…they spell L-U-X-U-R-Y. Perhaps offer a basket of flip flops for tired dancing feet or even hire a couple of masseuses to offer neck rubs; gourmet coffee and loose-leaf teas are always nice and adding hot cider or hot cocktails is also a nice touch.
Enjoyment is contagious

There is no magic playlist that will make all your guests dance. There isn’t a secret drink that will ensure they have a good time. The only way to make sure your guests have a good time, is to have a good time yourself. The only way to make them feel luxurious, is to be luxurious yourself. Because your excitement, joy and love are contagious!

So leave the rest to us, be comfortable and have a good time – and your guests will too!



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