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Israeli Jewelry & Accessory Designers To Know

Sometimes the right jewelry and/or accessories are all we need to make the ultimate statement. Of course, finding the perfect wedding dress that has your name on it and makes you feel comfortable, gorgeous and yourself all in one is the end all be all. But some added touches of glamour here and there can elevate your look more than you thought possible.

Here are the top Israeli jewelry and accessories designers making stunning, show-stopping peices.


Efrat Cassouto’s taste is classic and chic with beautifully-crafted head peices, tiaras and other fantastical adornments dripping in gems and crystals. Lady Gaga is fan – so expect options that make a true statement.

Keren Wolf

Keren Wolf is known for her bold, feminine jewelry and larger-than-life one-off peices that you can’t find anywhere else. Her designs have a ultra high fashion shoot quality, so they are ideal for standing out in wedding photos and memorable moments.

Ruby Star

Ruby Star’s designs are a bit rebellious and cutting edge  – think layer-worthy abstract shapes in silver and gold, emblematic swords in 14 karat gold encrusted with black diamonds or unexpected placement for necklaces, rings and earrings.

Mirit Weinstock

Weinstock’s artistic background has long given way to jewelry collections that are quirky and cool – heightened by a unique eye for surprising elements like raffia, snowflakes and stardust.



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