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Israeli Fashion House Maskit X Photographer Eyal Nevo

The legendary Israeli fashion house, Maskit, has collaborated with the esteemed photographer Eyal Nevo on a series of images and a short film entitled “Mount Sodom”, a third part of a desert trilogy, out now.

The stunning film and images showcase Maskit’s collection of wedding and special event dresses. Designed by Israeli fashion designer, Sharon Tal, the collection has been launched in conjunction with the art exhibition.

Photo by Eyal Nevo

Inspired by the sights and myths of Sodom, the dresses share an artistic, unique elegance. The gorgeous garments in the evening collection set to the backdrop of the spectacular desert landscapes, in a whole spectrum from white to deep blues and blacks, are visually captivating.

Photo by Eyal Nevo

The large-scale artistic project includes dancers from the Israeli born-and-bred Inbal Dance Company and the dance segments in the video art bring the drama of the desert, the beauty of the garments, and the stylized work all together as one.

Photo by Eyal Nevo
Photo by Eyal Nevo

The exhibition is displayed at Maskit House, 14 HaZorfim St, Jaffa during the day from 10: 00-18:00 and the public is welcome to visit. (03-6884004, Maskit)

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