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Israeli Designers Make The Case For The Bridal Jumpsuit

Israelis love to put a twist to most everything and make it their own. The wedding dress is no different, and local designers have taken it to a glam extreme with the ‘bridal jumpsuit’ – spinning their creative visions to produce gorgeous renditions of the otherwise casual ensemble. For those who want to make an appearance and still be comfortable for dancing and more, these are also perfect “second” options for costume changes transitioning into the party festivities…or even for a stunning set of bridesmaids!

Mira Zwillinger

Mira Zwillinger, New York Bridal Fashion Week 2018

The Israeli doyenne behind some of the most stunning bridal collections available in recent years added a sheer jumpsuit to her last jaw-dropping couture series. Called the ‘Sakie‘ and crafted from vertical dégradé sequins, the result is a stand-out number meant for women who want to make a fashion-forward and bold statement.

Dror Geva

Dror Geva 2018/19

This designer corset and pantsuit is handamde at Dror Geva’s local atelier in Israel. The fitted bodice is crafted with a combination of crsytals and integrated with hand-made beading, complimenting the tailored slacks.

Dror Kontento

Dror Kontento 2018/19

Konento’s sculptural bridal jumpsuit is tailored to the body and uses extra-feminine fabrics and detailing like a high neckline complemented with front-and-center ruffles. Kontento’s signature look is wearable and flexible for getting crazy on the dance floor and feeling at ease in your own skin – without sacrficing on any beautiful details.

Dany Mizrahi

Dany Mizrahi 2018-19

From the famous Israeli designer who dressed Gal Gadot for her very own Israeli wedding, Dany Mizrahi knows a thing or two about how to make women feel gorgeous on their big day. His spectacular jumpsuit design is extravagantly over-the-top in the best way – with its commanding shoulder pads, sheer and voluminously draped shawl, and plunging neckline. It is a collection of unexpected elements that somehow work to perfection.

Alon Livne

Alon Livne’s ‘Valencia’ jumpsuit 2018

Livne’s ‘Valencia’ jumpsuit pays homage to the inner workings and intricacies of flowers in their element. With its ruffled neckline and cinched wrists, finely detailed embellishments and complementary tailored pants, it feels completely modern, with a touch of that 70s chic that always seems to come back in one incarnation or another.

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