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Is It Really Helpful To Hire A Wedding Planner?

Whether or not to use the services of a wedding consultancy or party planning service is one of the important decisions a couple makes regarding their wedding and can greatly influence the planning process as well as the day itself, learn whether this is the right option for you.

The decision essentially rests on four aspects:

(1) The scale of the wedding

(2) How much time the couple has to devote to the design and planning process

(3) How capable (and willing) the couple is of managing the many small details involved

(4) The budget

The foremost function of a wedding planning service is to understand the needs and wishes of each couple in order to be capable of bringing their desired result into fruition. A good planner will act as a neutral sounding board, implementing the couple’s wishes to the highest standard whilst having the capabilities and experience to supplement this with their own input. It’s essential to find a wedding planner whom the couple gets along with, who understands their tastes and makes them feel comfortable. Its important to ensure from the very beginning that the wedding planner understands exactly what the couple wants and doesn’t want, as well as what their budget permits.

The most common misconception about hiring a wedding planner is that this will blow the budget. The planner is responsible for finding the best vendors for the couple to work with, based on the requirements of the wedding as well as the parameters of the budget and should help save money by informing couples of hidden costs, negotiating discounts with vendors, or having a few little extras thrown in from vendors whom they work with on a consistent basis.

The wedding planner should also be on-site on the wedding day to make sure that the day-of runs smoothly and that the contracted services are fulfilled on a timely basis and in accordance with budget. It’s important to make sure that the planner is there throughout the duration of the event so that they are able to immediately step in at any point during the festivities without the couple or their family members ever having to be bothered.

A talented, capable and organized wedding planning service can be an invaluable tool to a couple in creating their ideal wedding and can mean a lot less stress for them and their families, saving time, energy and ultimately money.

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