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Infuse Romance Into Your Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are romantic in nature, but there is never too much romance a wedding can have! Expressing romance in your wedding is not only an opportunity to melt your sweetheart’s heart, it is also a chance to share your love story and other elements of romance that are most important to you with your guests. Here are some ideas that will help you infuse romance into your destination wedding.

Design Romantic Spaces

Create romantic nooks and spaces where your guests can sit and be during your ceremony and reception. These intimate places will increase the romantic ambiance and your guests will feel the magic of your destination wedding.

Share your Romantic Story

Each couple has their own unique love story. Offer your guests a metaphorical walk through your journey of love by:

  • Adding romantic photos of you and your sweetheart to the reception tables
  • Highlighting your favorite romantic places and other sentimental photos of you and your mate to your table assignment cards
  • Using passionate images instead of numbers for your tables
  • Creating a PowerPoint presentation and video clips of your love story and highlight your passionate connection and romantic moments and memories (doing so as a surprise is even more romantic!)
  • Adding meaningful touches to your ceremony.
Add More Romance to your Future

Involve your destination wedding guests in your growing romance. Ask your guests to share their ideas for more future romance with you and add even more romance to your story by collecting guests’ suggestions for date nights. Leave papers and pens on tables and later add these suggestions and make them part of your future romantic journey as a married couple.

Enjoy Nature’s Romance

Take advantage of what Mother Nature has to offer for your destination wedding.

If yours is a beach wedding, consider getting married at sunset. Ensure that your photographer takes stunning pictures of you – you will cherish them forever. Your guests will find it impossible to resist mother’s nature romantic sunset.

Consider collecting shells with your wedding party before your wedding and make your own lanterns and centerpieces with sand and shells. These romantic center pieces will add another romantic hand-made touch to your destination wedding.

Honor Eternal Romance

Acknowledge older couples at your wedding and honor them with a special dance. Sharing other couples’ love journeys at your wedding will add a touch of respect and magic to your own growing romantic connection.

Romantic Desserts and Drinks

Infuse romance into your destination wedding by serving deserts and drinks that will increase the sense of celebration and intimacy like cherries, chocolates, strawberries, passion fruit and pink champagne.

Have fun infusing romance to your destination wedding and contact us for more tips and ideas.

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