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Incorporate Cherished Things In Your Destination Wedding

Your big day is all about celebrating your love in unique ways that empower you and those who are dear to your hearts and life together.

Including cherished things from home in your wedding in a meaningful way will help keep your family traditions alive as well as give you and your sweetheart an opportunity to start your own tradition in your new journey as a married couple.

Here are some tips on how to include/incorporate cherished things from home in your destination wedding.

How to Select Cherished Things

Take the time to identify the items that are most meaningful to you and your sweetheart. Come up with a list of items and identity the reasons for their special meaning.

If needed, seek out help from your immediate families. They will likely be thrilled to share their stories and their own ideas. Make sure the cherished items are light and travel well. If your cherished item is heavy and not easily transferable, take a picture of it and share it electronically.

After gathering all the cherished things, review their significance by ranking their importance with your partner. Consider the following questions:

  • Was it passed on from generation to generation?
  • If so, what does it mean to you now and how would you like to acknowledge it in your new future together?
  • Is it something you received as a gift from someone who passed away?
  • How would you want that person to be remembered?
  • What does the item mean to you?
  • Would you like to give it another meaning by displaying it in your wedding?
Cherished Chuppah

You may enhance your Chuppah with a unique photo collage of those who are dear to your heart by displaying some of your favorite photos and memories. You may include prints of friends and family who could not attend your destination wedding or acknowledge others who passed away and are not able to celebrate with you. Your creative Chuppah print will be noticed by all your guests and you can ask your Rabbi to talk about it before your ceremony. Your special Chuppah can also be displayed for your guests to enjoy after the ceremony.

Cherished Ceremony

Your destination wedding ceremony is another opportunity to share your cherished items. You and your sweetheart can talk about the item or ask your Rabbi to share its special meaning. If your cherished item has religious or traditional significance, such as candlesticks, you can commit to light them every Friday before your Shabbat dinner as a married.

When declaring a new tradition in front of your new community at your destination wedding, you and your partner are more likely to keep that commitment going and your guests will be inspired by your action and declaration and may choose to also start their own tradition.

Cherished Centerpieces

You may choose to display your cherished items as centerpieces. You can let your guests know their special meaning to you by writing a few sentences about it and displaying it on your table. Photographs are easy to laminate and put in picture frames and will add meaning to your centerpieces.

If an item is of extreme importance to you and your partner, you can display it on your sweetheart table so all your other guests can enjoy it as well.

Cherished Talit or Kippa

If your family holds a Talit or Kippa that you use on special holidays and has a cherished value, you may have the Rabbi or another family member mention it to the guests.

Cherished Loved Ones

You may also request that your special loved family member who passed away be acknowledged by asking for a few moments of silence or a special prayer that can be read before or during your wedding ceremony.

Cherished Food

You may surprise your guests with your favorite traditional dish from home. Adding it to the destination menu will add a warm taste of home to your event.

Cherished Drink

Mixing your own cherished and personal drink and serving it when cheering for you as a married couple will add a touch of both home and luck to your new life.

Cherished Continuity

Ask your older guests to share their own meaningful experiences and add their tokens of love to your own love story. Adding an element of continuity to your wedding will add a spark of magic. Some brides choose to wear a wedding band that was passed on from generation to generation, wear a special wedding dress or a piece of jewelry that has sentimental value. Any item can be enhanced by adding a special and unique memory to it.

Have fun incorporating some of your favorite items from home to your destination wedding and contact us for more ideas.

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