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Ideas For Chic Centerpieces

Centerpieces have the opportunity to truly be at the center of the impression your wedding will leave in the minds of all of your guests. With some forethought and planning, you can create centerpieces that are stunning and unique, add character and create conversation.

Whether you are going for chic, beautiful, sophisticated, luxurious, or unforgettable (or . . . all of these!) your centerpieces can mirror your dreams.

Creative Floral Centerpieces

Fresh flowers add color and character to your reception. Their gentle aroma and beauty will make each of your tables even more  attractive.  Seasonal flowers can be arranged in round or long vases – the arrangement can be classy or creatively modern – the options are limitless.

Choose fresh blooms in your wedding colors or arrangements that are in line with your wedding theme.

Visit some local fresh flower markets and shops to get ideas for your flower selection, variety and available colors.

Once you choose your blooms, list all your creative ideas and try to incorporate them into your floral arrangements. For example, if yours is a beach wedding, you may consider including shells in your vases and around the table.

Candles and Electric Centerpieces

Some brides choose to add light to this first night of the rest of their lives with candle centerpieces. Instead of fresh flowers, you can opt to put scented candles in vases. Small holiday electric lights can also add character to your tables. Some couple also add small rocks to the candle vases. If you wish for your guests to participate you may leave Sharpies on each table and ask them to write a word or a message on each rock that you may decorate the table with.

Fish Tank Centerpieces

Fish symbolize fertility (and also make a great giveaway centerpiece). Goldfish or beta fish are easy to care for and can be a unique souvenir.  Don’t forget to include food and caring instructions. Some couples make it memorable by naming the fish after places or memories that are special to them (sunset & sunrise or Eilat & Kinneret).

Fresh Fruit Centerpieces

Fresh fruit arrangements are both edible and beautiful. They also photograph well. Depending on the time of year of your wedding, you may want to consider fresh fruits or dried fruits (or a combination!) that will add a splash of color to your tables and offer your guests a healthy treat.

Candy and Chocolate Centerpieces

Round or tall vases full of local candies and chocolates can be delicious and decorative. Candy and chocolate skewers make a great table centerpiece arrangement as well. You can combine local and imported luxurious chocolates and add mini sizes treats around your reception tables.

Balloon Centerpieces

Balloons aren’t just for kids. You can use them to create classy centerpieces too! Choose colors can also match your wedding themes and styles that are uniquely you. Balloons also add a festive element to your party and will enhance your photos.

Photo Centerpieces

To add warmth and intimacy, display framed photos of you and your sweetheart (and even some of your guests) as centerpieces. If you are looking for something a tad less conventional, consider placing photos in clear bottles and jars.

The Best Centerpieces

The key to selecting the best centerpieces is to find one that gives you the luxurious feeling you are after. Scope out Pinterest, check what celebrities do with their tables, and then pick something that is uniquely YOU: chic, elegant, and fun.  If you need help with your centerpieces or any other element of planning your wedding, contact us.

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