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How To Plan A Green Wedding

An elegant event doesn’t have to be harmful to the environment. Show your guests how stylish a green wedding can be, you may end up inspiring them.

Before you plan your green wedding, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, as a general rule, a green wedding tends to be more costly than its non-green counterpart. One way of overcoming this is to re-use and recycle, one of the biggest advantages of holding a green wedding and also a big cash saver. Before booking your vendors, check out businesses that claim to provide green services and confirm that they really do.

For your wedding invitations and stationery use recycled paper or paper made from alternative fibre, such as hemp or bamboo. Retain a calligrapher to write your wedding invitations, this may cost more, but it saves many of the hazardous chemical used in printing. Minimize all paper products associated with your wedding to save trees and always try to print on both front and back and limit yourself to one sheet. If you want to go completely green, make sure to send all correspondence via email, by far the most eco-friendly way to go.

Find a location such as a museum, gallery or other cultural organization that will benefit from your site rental fee and enquire about how that venue plans to use the fee from your event. A natural outdoor setting such as a beach, woods or gardens all make an ideal setting for a green wedding. If you end up booking a venue, choose one committed to green issues such as energy and water saving, waste re-cycling or ones which provide the option of an organic menu.

For your wedding décor use eco-friendly décor options such as bamboo stalks, either as centrepieces or other décor elements. This provides an organic and modern feel. Intersperse your reception area as much candlelight as possible, not only are candles energy efficient, they also create a soft romantic glow for an elegant reception. Remember that soy candles are even cleaner and longer burning.

Ask your flower vendor to supply organic blooms which were grown in a local and environmentally friendly environment and without pesticides for your wedding. See if you can conserve your flowers by sharing yours with another wedding taking place on the same day. Top your tables with potted arrangements for guests to take and plant in their yards after the wedding.

Many caterers specialize in organic foods, and can provide an organic menu if you ask them. If you’re concerned about the cost involved in a completely organic menu, serve locally grown food instead, to eliminate fuel reliance and support local farmers. Find a caterer who recycles materials or uses linen and china rather than disposables. Work with your caterer to donate the leftovers from your wedding meal to a food shelter or other charitable organization.

Rent a bridal gown rather than buying a new one for your wedding. If buying a new gown, try to opt for natural fibres, such as silk and organic cotton, which are better for the environment than the synthetic options. Donate or re-sell your gown to another bride after the wedding.

Instead of the usual wedding favours, donate on behalf of your guests to a charity of their choice. Host your wedding ceremony and reception at the same site – or within walking distance to avoid having to hire shuttles and other transportation to and from the wedding. Get creative and use a non-motorized vehicle for the couple’s send off, such as a bike, horseback, skates or even a wagon.

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