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Bar Mitzvahs

How To Plan A Bar Mitzvah

Planning a Bar Mitzvah can be a complex process that begins years in advance of the actual event. To help you with your Bar Mitzvah planning, here are some typical steps required to ensure your Bar Mitzvah is a success.

Confirm The Date

This is something that is often done 2-3 years before the event itself, with the synagogue required to provide the specific date.

Think About The Type Of Celebration

What does bar mitzvah mean to you? How do you think it should be celebrated? Use the answers to these questions to guide the type of celebration and theme for the event.

Develop A Guest List

Who will be invited to the event? Begin drafting a list well in advance of the event, usually 12 months prior, to get an idea of numbers.

Choose A Location

Consider the number of guests, type of celebration and budget when choosing a location. It must suit the event and also be within financial expectations.

Book Vendors

Once you have a location, you can begin booking things like entertainment and caterers. Make sure to seek multiple quotes and get reviews/references before making your final choices.

Send Out Invitations

Invitations should give guests plenty of notice, with some people even sending invites for Bar Mitzvahs a year in advance.

Have The Guest Of Honour Participate In Tutoring

It is critical that your child is well versed in the Torah portion and the meaning of the event. Schedule appointments and time for studying.

Finalize Decor 

What decor and florals are required? Begin to finalise these details in good time prior to the event.

Organise A Candle Lighting Ceremony (If Applicable)

If you are choosing to have a candle lighting ceremony, you need to select the people who will be involved and work with your child to prepare them for this. 

Establish An Event Timeline

On the day of the event, what will be happening when? When will guests be arriving? When will the celebrations start? What is the agenda for the event?

Organise A Rehearsal

It’s fairly common for people to have a rehearsal Bar Mitzvah, although this is something that needs to be organised with the synagogue ahead of time.

Schedule Family Photos

It’s usually easier to get formal photos done at the synagogue a week before the Bar Mitzvah; that way everybody can enjoy the celebrations on the day. Round up the family and get them all to attend a photography session a week early!


Organising a Bar Mitzvah can be stressful but, hopefully, the above steps will help to ensure you have a smooth experience and your event is a success.

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