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How To Pick The Perfect Bridal Gown

The date has been set, the venue locked in and save the dates sent. Now it’s time to turn your attention to one of the most important and daunting tasks of wedding planning: choosing your bridal gown. There are so many things to consider when choosing a dress that the entire process can be overwhelming. Which fabric should you choose? What silhouette suits you best? Does the dress you like suit the theme of the wedding? Does it suit your individual style and represent you as a person? Is it flattering? What will it look like in photos? As a bride, you will have a million thoughts running through your head. To ensure you get a dress that you love and will look great in photos for years to come, there are a few key things you should consider throughout your dress shopping venture.

1. Dress Silhouettes
Firstly, consider what dress silhouettes you like and what flatters your body shape. There’s no point browsing online and selecting three types of dresses that you would like to try on, knowing that the shape of the dress will not flatter your figure. This only sets you up for disappointment when you visit your bridal shop. Be realistic and think about what will look good on; after all, you will be looking at these photos for decades to come! Ball gown, sheath, A-line, mermaid – there are numerous options so do a little research before you actually go shopping.

2. Dress Fabric
When it comes to fabric and different combinations of fabric, the options are endless. Again, it’s worth trying to pick a fabric that flatters your body and will make you comfortable on the day. Silk and satin gowns can look stunning, but there’s no point getting a dress in that material if you are going to be stressing about creases or sucking your stomach in the entire day. The fabric should also suit your wedding theme. A ball gown won’t necessarily work for a beach wedding, while a flowy bohemian gown is likely to look out of place at a traditional church wedding.

3. Dress Shopping Support Team
Bridal gown shopping should be fun! Many brides like to make an event out of the process by gathering their bridesmaids and family members to accompany them as they search for the perfect gown. Many bridal shops offer champagne and platters to truly make the process enjoyable. That being said, it is worth considering who you involve in the process of selecting a bridal gown. If there are too many people, it can be difficult to select a dress. The decision is ultimately that of the bride, but a large group of people can result in many conflicting opinions making it hard to make that final decision. You want people who will be honest with you, who know you well and can comment on whether or not the dress suits you as an individual, and who will also be supportive of your tastes and preferences.

Remember to take the time to enjoy the shopping process. Selecting a dress can be difficult and stressful, but at the end of the day you know what you like and what you feel most comfortable in.

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