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How to Include Close Friends & Family Who Aren’t Able to Make it to Your Wedding

Putting together a destination wedding is a mutitasking adventure by all means, and deciding to get married abroad could possibly leave behind some friends and family who can’t make it for one reason or another. Although it is a compromise, luckily, in our modern tech age, there are abundant ways to include close friends and family in your special day – even from afar.

Live Video Streaming Video

This is the most functional and convenient way to easily broadcast live video to friends and family back home – and it is accessible to places all over the world. This way your loved ones can feel like they are right there with you for everything from breaking the glass to the after-party. A host of local vendors can professionally set this up ahead of time at your venue. An added perk? Your family also receives an edited recording after the event.


Short and sweet, let your close ones know that it means a lot to you to have their presence known, even if not physically. Plan in advance for a time when those who would like to commemorate your wedding day with a few words can share their sentiments.  For those back home, have them send their thoughts via email or a pre-made video and plan for another trusted family member who is present to read their speech out loud or have the video connected and screened for everyone at a scheduled time.

Pre-Recorded Clips

Lots of friends and family members  jump at the chance of creating a personalized video for the bride and groom – whether it be a collage of pictures and memories through the years or a symbolic song or performance. The same goes for those who aren’t able to make it to the festivities, but still want to express their love from afar. Plan for a screen and projector ahead of time and a designated amount of time for showing the clip(s) where your guests are sitting and enjoying some down time. Also be sure to have your reliable coordinator check the clips in advance to make sure they are compatible with the monitor and playing properly.

Beloved Memorials

For those who have lost a beloved family member, weddings can be a somber reminder that he or she is no longer around. It is best to plan for these situations ahead of time. Traditional daughter/father dances or son/mother dances can be a sore spot. Another difficult reminder is who walks who down the aisle when a particular family member has passed. Make it a point to reassess how these specific moments can be positively reconfigured. Raise a toast to your loved one’s spirit so that his or her memory is a blessing and their presence is there with you on your day in a way that is calming and peaceful.

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