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Making An Entrance

Your big day is all about celebrating your love in ways that are most meaningful to you and your sweetheart. One way to make your special day memorable in the minds of your guests (and yourselves!) is to customize your grand entrance. This will surly make your destination wedding even more magical.

Here are some fun ideas for entering your reception:

Confetti, Balloons or Rose Petals

Surprise your guests with both balloons and rose petals. Choose balloons that match your wedding theme and colors and print your married name or other meaningful and powerful words that symbolize your love and connection. No one can resist balloons to get into a celebratory mood or rose petals to treasure the romance.


If budget is not an issue, consider arriving on a white horse and plan to enter riding it . . . or land at your event in a decorated helicopter.

A grand entry on a ski boat can also be fun. Whichever vehicle you choose, your guests will be impressed and your extraordinary arrival will be remembered.

Live Band or Singer

Surprise your guests or your sweetheart and plan for a live band or your favorite artist to welcome you to your new life together. Live music often adds a personal touch.

If you are creative and talented, write your own song and plan on having your performer share it with your guests when you walk in.

Build Your Own Stage

Walk on your own created path to your dream stage. When designing your aisle and stage, incorporate elements that symbolize your love such as photos, flowers, poems, shells, and rocks.


Lighting can create a magical entrance. Light and music is a winning combination to help your guests get excited and take notice of your entrance.

Whether you choose a classic dimming of the lights and shining of the spotlights or prefer to get funky and have a disco ball or any other type of dance lighting suggest by your DJ…the mood you set is the ambiance you will create!

Wedding Party Show

Work on a choreographed dance with your wedding party and enter as a group. If you want to be extra creative, wear special dance clothes and costumes and surprise your guests with a full show as a grand entrance.

Some couple let their wedding party enter first with a choreographed dance and then have the DJ change the music when they walk in. That entrance requires rehearsing and preparations and it will make an impact on your guests.

Thank Your Guests

Before entering the reception, have a dear friend, family member, rabbi or your DJ read some words of gratitude to your parents and best of friends for their love and support. Your guests will feel welcome and honored before you walk in.

Individual Welcome Favors

Leave some disposable cameras, bubbles, or noisemakers on your guest tables or chairs and ask your guests to participate in creating your magical grand entrance.

If you choose to dim all lights right before you walk in the multiple flashes in the disposable cameras will create an extra effect on your powerful entrance.

Have fun planning your grand entrance and contact us for more ideas.


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