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Floral Party: Which White Blooms To Choose

When it comes to wedding decor, flowers are one of the indelible stars of the show. They add prestige and glamour to any room, while being awe-inspiring and individual at the same time. Flower choice says a lot about the couple getting married and their wish of what they want their wedding to embody visually. Flowers have the ability to transform any back drop and add a certain something with just a pin (hello, unassuming boutinière!), while also bringing so much to the wedding table. They are truly one of the most important, yet quietly demure selections for any wedding. Here are the most popular flowers available in white, one of the most asked about inquiries from the start for wedding decor and design planning.


Probably one of the most elegant choices for center pieces, orchids are complex and artful, emanating an exotic beauty.  The White Moth orchids and White Dendrobium orchids are both delicate and whimsical options.

Royal Star Magnolia

These expansive blooms are made for show-stopping bouquets, distinct boutinières, and more. Fragile, yet stunning in numbers, when they come together en masse, they have a startlingly pure white and gorgeous effect.


For all you Instagram and Pinterest lovers, these flowers are the ultimate inspiration. Constantly popping up on social media feeds, they have become the “it” flower of the last few years. Bright white blooms with dark black centers, they are innocent, yet intriguing.

Arch Anthurium

Most often seen in bright red and dazzling peach, the Arch Anthurium in white is sophisticated and unexpected. It you choose a floral bridal chuppa, it makes a beautiful addition to adorning the arches and also serves well in large center pieces.


Very commonly found in Israel, the Ranunculus flower is available in literally every shade under the sun, but its circular layers and layers forming each sweet bloom in white are understated and pristine. Combined together for a bouquet, they make a lovely statement.

Sweet Pea

Just as its name suggests, this particular flower is fragile in its elegance and makes for a precious option in all forms of floral wedding choices – from personal bouquets and table center pieces even to cake decor and bride’s hair wreaths.

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