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Floral Party: Which Blue & Purple Blooms To Choose

Why not take the “Something Blue” adage all the way and make the surreal hue your wedding color scheme? Not only is it dreamy in all its forms, it also pops with fervor against the pale white or ivory of a wedding gown. Depending on the flowers and shades you are envisioning, blue can communicate a variety of moods – from the classic, solid, and stark navy, to the eclectic and pleasing electric blue, or the whimsical and ethereal cloud blue.

An added bonus? For destination weddings in Israel, blue really is the color of the Mediterranean. From accented decorative center pieces to the glittering sea as your wedding backdrop, Israel is tried and true, blue through and through…and the flowers are just the beginning.

Anemones (bright blue to violet)

Cultivated in a range of shades, this petite, spring-loving flower looks best in vibrant clusters of 50 or more – making them an ideal bouquet choice. The Lieutenant anemone is a double blue flower and looks brilliant solo, while the Mr Fokker anemone is harvested as single violet blooms with inner black stamens.

Cornflower (intense blue)

In folklore, cornflowers were worn by young men in love, so it is no surprise that even in these modern times, they are choice pick for weddings. A multi-tasking flower in its own right, cornflowers can be used for a smattering of brilliant decorative elements with its intense blue color and beautiful ray of florets or even as an added touch of romance to the food! The edible flower can be used for culinary decoration – as a gorgeous flourish to salads, fish and more.

Delphinium (indigo blue and hybrid variety in light blue)

Best known for their stunningly tall spires of blue blooms, Delphinium offer a unique vertical element to center pieces, the huppa decorations, and more, that is unexpected and dramatic. Cultivated in a slew of shades and forms, many variants feature a white center – adding a bright contrast to the otherwise deeply-rich blue flower.

Hyacinths (lilac through to violet)

Native to the Eastern Mediterranean, this locally blooming and fragrant flower are associated with spring and rebirth. The upright bulbs of star-shaped blooms are ideal for center pieces. Specifically, the aptly-named grape hyacinth, is a charming spike of small violet bells packed closely together, reminiscent of a bunch of grapes.

Lavender Roses

Entirely striking in their hue, it is completely fitting that the lavender rose has some time-honored significance behind its otherworldly presence. A symbol of enchantment, the lavender rose is often a sign of love at first sight – with its regal majesty, awe, and royalty all rolled into one.

Hydrangeas (light blue and bright blue)

This diverse species is a flower lover’s dream. With their massive flowering heads, they encompass an old-fashioned charm that is fitting for weddings in all their glory. The best part? They bloom in a variety of shades – from clear blue and vibrant pink to frosty white, lavender, and rose blossoms – just depending on the soil’s pH levels. Their beauty and color offerings make them an ideal pick for complementary wedding colors and a dreamy, pastel-infused decorative palette.

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