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Creative Wedding Theme Ideas

Your wedding theme is an opportunity to reflect and share with your guests what matters most to you and your sweetheart. Your values, hobbies, desires, inspirations, and personalities can all be part of your wedding theme and set the stage for your memorable celebration.

Here are some creative wedding theme ideas and tips that will impress your guests and make your special day more meaningful.

Choose a look and feel, and introduce it early.

Consider choosing a theme that is meaningful to both of you, introduce it as early as you can, and add it to your reception in the following ways:

  • Themed Save The Date announcements and wedding invitations
  • Through your décor and favors
  • In your music and special dance selection
  • Through your food and desert

Once you choose your theme, list all your creative ideas and try to incorporate them into your wedding celebration. It is best to list everything in a brainstorm and then omit the ones that do not inspire you.

It’s All About Location

If your theme is around the outdoors (beach, picnic, winery, etc), make your wedding reception location into your theme. Let your imagination go wild and set cozy tents, lanterns, and picnic areas with blankets for outdoor themes.

If your theme is about travel (India, Italy, Hawaii), add elements that are unique to your destination of choice. That will help your guests feel your joyful travel experiences. You may consider incorporating places you will visit on your honeymoon or places you traveled in the past while dating.

Vintage & Old School Vibes

If you and your partner enjoy the romantic and vintage elements, create a whole theme around it by adding books to your décor and even quotes you like to your escort cards, invitations and toasts. Incorporate rustic elements, include songs and select music that will help your guests feel part of the era you choose as your theme. Add photos in black and white to increase the rustic feeling.

You can add lace and pearls to your dress and bridesmaids dresses for vintage and incorporate metallic colors to your decorations to enhance the vintage feeling and look.

Fairy Tale Magical Theme

Take your guests through your favorite fairy tale (Cinderella, Little Mermaid, even Shrek…or create your own!) path and transport them to feeling the magic that captures you. Add elements to  remind your guests of your favorite characters, dreams, and tales that inspire you.

Since fairy tales are made of dreams, introduce pastel colors and design patterns with lots of candles and lights to enhance the magical feeling.

Green Garden Theme

Help your guests feel the magic of your favorite English garden. Incorporate lots of flowers, centerpieces and candles to infuse peacefulness and calmness. You could even serve tea with the wedding cake instead of coffee.

Incorporate elements of nature by using lush decorations and the color green. Consider designing your own special arches and match their theme with your table runners and flowers.

Bohemian Theme

If you are considering having a less formal event, you may enjoy the bohemian theme. Incorporating elements of elegance and glamour can be useful in expressing your own style and taste. Spiritual elements like rocks, crystals and scented candles can spark your guests’ senses. A bohemian and eclectic theme would enable your party to wear more causal and unique outfits as well.

Beach & Spa Theme

Israel offers many amazing beaches and possibilities when it comes to designing your own beach wedding. Create your own beach theme and customize it according to what you like best. Your guests will enjoy beach elements with colors such as blue and white. Spa elements can also add another luxury perspective to your beach wedding.

Whatever creative choices you decide to select as your wedding theme remember to have fun and choose what is most important and meaningful to you and your lifetime partner. Contact us for more information.


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