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Common Wedding Planning Mishaps & How To Avoid Them

Planning ahead for your big day will guarantee peace, ease and fun; but it will also help you eliminate unpredictable situations:

Mishap: Overspending and starting married life in debt
Solution: Budget!

Take the time to create a budget that works for you because one of the most common mishaps is overspending. At all costs (pardon the pun), avoid straying from your budget. Here are some tips:

  • Discuss the budget and agree on it with your parents and future spouse
  • Categorize your allowance per vendor and category
  • Interview multiple vendors for each line item
  • Shop around and do not commit until you review each contract (including the fine print)
  • Use a spreadsheet to track your expenses per vendor and err on the side of caution by overestimating when you do not have a set fee
  • Do not hesitate to say “no” if you can’t afford something
  • Don’t spend money you don’t have

Mishap: Underestimating guest count and food & beverage needs
Solution: Maintain accurate records

A common mishap is underestimating the number of guests for your event. Your vendors rely on your count and providing them with a too-low figure could mean that there will not be enough seats, food, or alcohol. Follow these tips to avoid the disaster:

  • Get as many RSVPs as possible. Count those who did not RSVP as guests who will come
  • Do not send invitations to guests you do not really want there
  • Let your guests know in the invitation if to expect appetizers only or a full meal
  • A traditional buffet in Israel looks like an enormous feast – arrange ahead what you will do with the leftovers

Mishap: Missing important items or forgetting important things
Solution:  Focus on small details

Dream big, but be sure to document all the small steps required and communicate with everyone involved to eliminate doubts an errors. Designate a person to be responsible for each small step. Here are a few mishap examples that easily can be eliminated when focusing on the small (yet important) details:

  • Make sure the ring bearer has the rings
  • Have your tallit, veil, kippot, and kiddush cup for your ceremony
  • Notify the photographer ahead of time who the family members are
  • Let the DJ know what songs you want them to play and when.
  • If you plan on dancing and having an afterparty late into the night, pack a change of clothes and shoes
  • Bring extras: contact lenses, nail polish, bobby pins, safety clips, pantyhose, and anything else you can think of. Better to overpack then to be not have the items you may need

Mishap: Uncooperative weather and elements
Solution: Be ready for rain and sun

If your wedding is in outdoors in Israel, make sure you have plenty of bug spray handy. If you get married by the beach on a humid day, make sure you have plenty of hair spray, extra water-resistant makeup, and sunscreen. Our wedding coordinators can work with you to best prepare you for any kind of weather.

Mishap: Running late and causing hundreds of guests to wait indefinitely
Solution: Be early

Though the wedding cannot start without you, timing can be everything. Plan your day to arrive an hour early to allow extra time for unplanned mishaps.

Avoiding wedding day mishaps

Mishaps are part of life, but proper planning and good people by your side will minimize your risk and optimize your handling of anything that arises. Broadway’s got the show, in our line of work, the wedding must go on! Contact us for more tips.

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