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Making A Small Wedding Fun And Memorable

You know how they say “everything is bigger in Texas?” Well, watch out Texas, you may have us on the steaks, but Israel’s got you on the wedding front. Weddings in Israel are meaningful, memorable, celebratory, and a lot of fun – often, for a lot of people. Guest lists of several hundred friends and family members are typical.

Size does matter

The magic that makes weddings in Israel so unique does not come from the size of the guest list (nor is it found in the size of the cake). There are ways to make an enchanted event whether there will be five or five hundred guests.

As a matter of fact, sometimes, intimate weddings can be even more fun and memorable, as long as you heed these four pieces of advice.

Be genuine

The sure-fire way to create an unforgettable wedding is to be yourself. Though you have been dreaming of this day for a long time and likely living and reliving it in your mind over and over (and over!) again, we guarantee you that the most fun you (and your guests) will have will be in the unscripted moments – the times when you are your true, real, genuine self.

Be different

Another way to make sure your wedding is remembered for generations is to make it unlike any other. You can Google and read articles and browse Pinterest boards ad nauseam, but those are all things that have been done before. On your day, be you – make it different and unique.

How about giving guests a CD with special songs from your wedding? Or creating drink specials that are your favorites? Ideas are endless – but the only ones that are truly yours are the ones that are personal to you and your spouse.

Make every guest feel special

With a small wedding, you have time to make every guest feel like a guest of honor. From something as simple as dancing with every single person you invite to something as planned as creating place cards with pictures of each guest with the bride and groom – go out of your way to make your special day into a special memory for your loved ones.

Let go and have fun

When the bride and groom have fun, everyone has fun. And when the couple is stressed out, everyone can tell. So, do yourself (and everyone on your guest list) a favor – on the big day, have fun, enjoy yourself, and make memories that will stay with you forever.


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