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Bring The Outdoors In For Winter Weddings

For those who relish the cold-weather months, choosing a winter wedding can be especially magical. Since it will most likely be indoors due to weather conditions, here is a round up of stunningly decorative ways to bring the outdoors in, adding dynamic and unxpected elements.

Flora & Fauna

Nature’s bounty is the perfect inspiration for decorative accoutrements, and thankfully there are a multitude of ways to “feel” the outdoors, even in a chilly setting. For subtle minimalists, go out on a limb and have your flowers arranged according to the ancient Japanese concept of Ikebana, which is said to uplift both your spirit and your environment. For dramatic entrances and jaw-dropping photo-ops, commission the work of a curtain of flowers or a moss-covered wall. For quaint vignettes, have someone craft intimate vertical gardens.

Earthy Table Runners

What better way to bring the outdoors in than a table garland made of herbs? From eucalyptus to sage, the options are endless and the textures and color variants are so complementary, it is a win-win. Bonus: the fresh, earthy scents!


Set the winter tone with a host of gorgeous, unexpected blooms for your bouquet. Sweet candytuft, lush dahlias, the ever-beautiful peony, even berries in season and dog wood branches can all add a taste of vibrant color and intrigue.

Natural center pieces

Inviting greenery and plant-based decor encompasses the essence of the outdoors in a very organic way. Even just adding an artfully-placed sprig of herbs to the table setting adds a delightful and thoughtful element.

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