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ALL IN BLOOM: Bouquets For Every Taste

One of the most focal points of wedding decor comes down to the flowers. From minimalist to over-the-top, the options are endless. The same goes for choosing the perfect blooms for your bouquet – or even matching hair wreaths, which is a beautiful addition. Here are a handful of inspiring options.

Surprise Additions

Why do veggies have to be limited to the wedding feast? Did you know artichokes are actually flowers? In full bloom they have an almost electric purple flower that sprouts from their core – truly a sight to be seen. But in bloom or not, this unique floral arrangement is a thoughtful and quirky idea for centerpieces and bouquets.

Vibrant Colorscapes

Wild peonies, with all their lush colors and romantic vibrance are a bridal fan favorite. Their blooming window is short, but luckily it cuts into prime wedding season: from April through the months of May and June. These flowers are a love affair all on their own – bursting in colors like fuschia, pale pinks and yellows, bright white and rich corals.

Unexpected Touches

Walking down the aisle with a bouquet of gorgeously-smelling lavender admist puffs of earthly cotton and contrasting, textural shoots of wheat is unexpected to say the least. The fresh, white clouds complement various themes and color schemes, but if you are going for a rustic look – this will be an all-time highlight.

Nature’s Bounty

With Israel’s dynamic landcapes, the ability to source organic, natural elements from our local bounty is a big plus. Depending on where your venue is, get inspired by its surroundings – from desert plants in the Negev to fragrant Galilean herbs.

The Works

Combine all these details for a true beauty of a bouquet – color, texture, nature’s bounty, and unexpected combinations can lovingly compose the statement bouquet of your wedding dreams.

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