BE Group Productions | (Beyonce-Approved!) Israeli Designer Brings Artful Dresses To The Bridal Market
Israeli Designer Brings Artful Dresses to the Bridal Market Bridal Fashion

(Beyonce-Approved!) Israeli Designer Brings Artful Dresses To The Bridal Market

The break-out Israeli fashion designer Shaharย Avnet counts fans like Beyonce and Zendaya and her surreal garments are the latest Israeli export to shine in the fashion world.
The thirty year-old Shenkar College of Engineering and Design graduate crafts a range of collections – from bridal ware fearing whimsical airs and signature looks that can serve an untraditional bride’s style with a whole lot of flair to all-out party dresses – ideal for fashion-forward bridesmaids looks that will undoubtedly up the wedding color game on a larger-than-life scale.
Avnet’s biggest claim to fame to date has been dressing Beyonce in some of her dresses on her current tour, along with the superstar choosing Avnet’s designs for a series of photographs in her new album’s cover art.
Avnet’s latest collection of gorgeous garments, called ‘Wonderland’ is a magical series of dresses playing on various different hues and fabrics – from pale pinks and vibrant violets to organza silk and tulle. Avnet’s individual take on hand-made embroideries heighten the looks to the next level, showcasing painterly drawings of faces and abstract images, scattered across the garments.
Prices range from NIS 1,200 to NIS 15,000 for custom-made items specially designed for each customer. The collection items can be purchased at the designer’s studio only.

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