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Everything you need to know about a winter wedding and winter wedding planning in israel Decor & Design

The Best (& Worst) Things About A Winter Wedding

Weddings can be planned for any of the four seasons – each season brings its own special character and can add another dimension to your destination wedding.

Here are some tips to consider if you and your partner choose a winter wedding.

Winter Warmth

Your winter wedding and reception can be cozy and warm. You may enjoy the indoor warmth of the winter season and introduce warm themes and winter colors such as red, green and brown as part of your wedding design.

Many indoor wedding facilities boast fireplaces that create cozy areas for guests to enjoy and gather. The traditional winter ambiance adds an irresistible element of relaxation and warmth to your destination wedding.

Winter Travel Rates

Since guests travel overseas to destination weddings, winter offers discounted travel rates, which may be combined with paid time off from work for extra savings.

Your guests will enjoy touring Israel in weather that may be much warmer than back home (Israel tends to be warmer than most places in the winter). Your guests will attend your winter wedding and enjoy spring-like weather for their sightseeing and tourist adventures.

Winter Budget

If your dream is to get married in a luxurious setting and summer rates are too high, many destination vendors offer less expensive packages during wintertime.

As an added bonus, vendors tend to be less busy during their off season and will invest more time and attention to make your destination wedding dreams come true.

This may enable you to include more in your festivities while paying less than in peak season.

In winter, you can have your (wedding) cake and eat it too!  A wedding of “champagne tastes” and enough left over for your dream honeymoon.

Winter Holidays

Combine your winter wedding with a celebration of holidays like Hanukkah or New Year’s Eve.  Add holiday decorations to your wedding and light some Hanukkah candles with your guests to bless the holiday and your new marriage.

Winter Wear

Wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses differ according to season. When selecting your wedding wear for your winter wedding, there is no need to worry about the discomfort of sweating and/or high humidity.  You will need to add a second layer and plan for more fabric.

In addition, your hairstyle and make up will last longer for a winter wedding.

Winter Weather and More to Consider

Winter weather is not always easy to conquer and predict. Consider the following potential roadblocks and plan accordingly:

  • In Israel, at times rains can bring some flooding and literal roadblocks that make travel more difficult for your guests.
  • Some guests and family members (guests with young kids, grandparents, and older relatives) might have a difficult time traveling during the winter months.
  • If your wedding and reception will be indoors, make sure the temperature is monitored carefully to maximize comfort.
  • Some flowers may not be in season in the winter months. You may need to substitute and create your own seasonal centerpieces.
  • Some vendors may not be flexible when it comes to last minute changes and special weather accommodations
  • Plan to have your photos taken indoors. Consult your photographer for creative ideas to capture the seasonal elements and colder temperatures.
  • Don’t be afraid to rent that snow machine you always wanted. It will guarantee white wedding conditions for your grand entry without ruining your make up.
Winter Planning

When planning for a winter wedding, think ahead, plan for the worst, and be ready with alternatives and other options that guarantee the weather does not “rain on your parade.”

Regardless of your choice of month to celebrate your special day, embrace the season and remember to have fun, be safe and contact us for more tips and ideas.

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